11 Work at Home Online Jobs

11 Work at Home Online Jobs

Today I want to share with you the 11 Work at Home Online Jobs worth of trying out and making some serious money with them.

This are not simple tasks that can generate some quick money, we are talking about something serious and worth taking a look.

Most of the jobs that I recommend here at POJ are really simple. I want to reach out to a more simple audience and help them start. That is the whole reason why I’m doing this. I want to aim a beginners audience and then walk them through.

So enough is enough right, now I will display a whole bundle of work at home online jobs that you can work with depending on your skill.

P.S. Not all my job recommendations here at paid online jobs are “weak”. Most of them have an entrepreneurship style and you have to work hard for them. Enough small talk, it’s time to share them with you.

11 Work at Home Online Job:

Business Analyst

With an average payment of around $70 000 it’s a really good job if you are up for it. Did you previously worked in a big corporate company and you hated it? Now you can work from home with the same job skills and no one to boss you around. It’s not a simple online job as I said but it’s still worth a lot.

Not everyone can do this because it takes a lot of skill and knowledge, but it’s wroth a try right? If you own the skills I suggest you take a look around, there are always jobs available like this.

Fitness Online Coach

Average pay is around $40 000 – $60 000

Fitness grew a lot in the past few years and many people are joining it in order to stay healthy and fit. While all of us are working our assess out the trainers are killing it. They are generating so much money that there is no limit.

If you know how to promote and have a good schedule you can make a killing with the numbers. For example you have 1000 clients from online promotion and you charge them only $5 nothing more. It’s only $5 and they charge more than $5 they charge around $29… So they are walking money machines if they know how to do it.

Here is a good online course about internet promotion


They get paid around $40 000 – $60 000

They are amazing creatures that create a lot of content. Being a writer is hard work yes but worth it in the end. You don’t need much right? Only a laptop with a good internet connection and a place to write. You are ready!

Also you can write for yourself, creating ebooks or content on the internet. It’s a good thing to write as a freelancer if you are fast or for a company. This is a really amazing job and that is why it has a place in the 11 Work at Home Online Jobs.

Good course for writers

Customer Service

Pay is around $30 000 – $40 000

Everyone know what this is so I don’t want to explain it. Everyone in their life time will talk to customer support, but can you work as a customer support? Yes. There are services that offer you to try out as a customer support so you can work with them.

Make a good search you will find them for sure, I even investigated once. Well what can I say…

Affiliate Marketing

I have talked about this field of work for such a long time here on paid online jobs. There are people creating so much money from affiliate marketing, even millions. So there is no limit on how much money you will earn. Everything is about how much you do.

You are the key factor for affiliate marketing. Take a look at my post about affiliate marketing.

Here is the best course about affiliate marketing


Everyone know what this is and people are working on new ideas everyday. Starting businesses and working hard to achieve something.

There is also no limit on how much money can you earn with this. One simple idea can jump start and make you millions. All you have to do is work hard for it. Nothing else.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you. You can try and start a website, software, service, product, etc. There is no limit. See what is the best for you.


Do you know any programming skills? Well now you can earn money as a programmer. Creating a software, sites and scripts to sell them. You can make millions here if you know how, it’s the same with fitness. Learn how to get more and more clients in order to grow.

You can also work as a freelancer or for a company, either way it’s worth it.


This is by far the best for people who have a good set of skills to earn some money. One of my first posts was about freelancing, you can see it here:

How to Freelance, Sell Your Expertise Online.

It will teach you a lot and how to start as a freelancer. Any set of skills you can sell there and earn some bucks.

You Tube entertainer

As a publisher you can earn a lot of money from YT and that is why I wanted to mention it in 11 Work at Home Online Jobs. It’s worth it to try it out as a hobby because if you go viral you can earn so much money from it.

Have a funny or creative idea? Put it on You Tube and see how it goes from there.


The average pay is around $60 000 – $80 000

They pay good money for designers. You know how to create a perfect look for a website, image or anything to make it pretty. This is the right job for you.

I cannot say a lot about this because I lack in experience but you can make a lot of bucks here.


A rapidly growing business type. You can make millions with e-com as well. I have the perfect course for you about this:

Best E-Commerce Course

I have good experience here and have generated a lot of money with this.

I hope this post helped you choose the right Work at Home Online Jobs and secure a better future.

Take a look at my blog there are other jobs as well but are more simple but more well guided. Also if you own a business learn how to promote it and how to increase your revenue.

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This was my post Work at Home Online Jobs, if you appreciate leave me a comment.

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