14 Free Paid Online Survey Sites

14 Free Paid Online Survey Sites – All Countries

This will be a little different then the other posts I made about paid online survey sites. It is still possible to earn with the following sites I’m going to offer you. Keep in mind that they also include gifts and free items as well.

What do I mean by free items? Giftcards for example or money for purchasing at a shop and they will come bonus. Not only you earn money taking surveys you can earn gifts as well along the way.

About Paid Surveys Online

You probably know a lot about paid surveys if you follow me, or you can refresh your memory here if you want:

Paid Online Survey Jobs

There you can find survey sites to join and earn with all over the world. If you follow that guide you can earn money with paid surveys today.

Here is my advice. Join all the sites that I mention in the URL above. After that if you have free time apply to this sites so you can get many more.

As I said paid surveys bring money on the table. Using this sites will bring not only profit but gift’s as well.

After we continue to the sites bellow I would advice to you join all of them they are really easy. Make a strategy and work through it so you can follow something and stick to it.

Free Paid Online Survey Sites (You Can Join All of Them)

I won’t be giving any description about them, all of them are free to join and good. Simply access them all and work with them. Each gives the same and the gifts are related so don’t worry.

1.Dollar Messa

Click Here to Join Dollar Messa

2.Dozen Dollars

Click Here to Join Dozen Dollars

3.Cash Survey Bonus

Click Here to Join Cash Survey Bonus

4.Prime Dollars

Click Here to Join Prime Dollars

5.Dollar Loop

Click Here to Join Dollar Loop

6.Dollars Family

Click Here to Join Dollars Family

7.Survey Points

Click Here to Join Survey Points

8.Dollar Hill

Click here to Join Dollar Hill


Click Here to Join Dealeez

10.Fast Winning

Click Here to Join Fast Winning

11.Mind Survey

Click Here to Join Mind Survey

12.Dollar Star

Click Here to Join Dollar Star

13.Reward Wise

Click Here to Join Reward Wise

14.Money Saving Mom

Click Here to Join Money Saving Mom

This post was made so I can help and guide people. For them to make the right choices when it comes to working online and starting an income from the comfort of your own home.

There are many survey sites out there but to be honest not all of them are worth it. Many sites won’t pay you a single dime for working a lot of hours. I don’t want for you to join everything because there are many scams as well.

First of all I made this list so I can guide you. Picking the right Paid Online Survey sites is very hard for beginners and they might do something they didn’t want to. Many scam sites will make you earn for them and they won’t pay you.

Starting an Online Income

This is an extra part that I would like to speak about. It’s not that simple with working online and starting an income. But with paid surveys I can say it’s the easiest way.

There are multiple ways to earn money online and you can choose depending on your interest. You can pick from the easiest let’s say paid surveys to the hardest but that can earn the most money.

There are many offers available for you to join and work with depending on how much and what your looking for.

Here is a list that you can choose the site perfect for you:

Find the Perfect Online Job

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