3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic

3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic

3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic. Reddit has grown into one of the biggest websites out there and it’s called the front page of the internet, because every article before it goes trendy it hits Reddit first.

I will explain how to use this monster to drive thousands of traffic to your site and how to use it with caution. Because Reddit is a beast and you need to use caution for posting on it.

Most of the users of Reddit are very strictly about affiliate marketers and spam so if you are planning any related promotion which is pure spam you will never receive traffic from it. In today’s post I will introduce you with Reddit and how you can generate traffic from it.

I will not explain a precise way to use it to generate traffic because I will be writing a whole book and not a single post about it, so expect to see 10 posts about how to generate Reddit for traffic, all of it’s tactics and wholes in the algorithm I will explain to you.

Create an Account

Creating an account with Reddit is free and very fast to do. You would need a valid email, they also accept account created without any email but that can be risky. Create your account, here is an image you can see how to do it:

Reddit account creation for free

I’m explaining 3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic but as I said I will focus on traffic methods in the posts to come, I will cover the basics here.

Create an account and don’t lie, it’s required to provide your information.

Choose a SubReddit

Pick your subreddit, that is a little part of Reddit, I don’t know how to correctly explain it but it’s a piece of the cake. For example you have subReddits about almost everything and this is where you belong. You have about History, which I’m a big fan, Politics, Horror, News, Celebrity, Funny, almost every niche is covered. Pick the closes related to your niche.

Subreddit for your niche

I have a big passion for history and I study about it as well. Here is the traffic at the moment on this sub reddit.

Here is the traffic for it

I can say history is a weaker subject, imagine the power in the bigger fields. Well there are 5 million readers so I cannot complain.

3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic:

Here are the 3 Ways to Use Reddit for Free Traffic as I said, let’s start with the most basic one.

1.Submit a link

The most basic one is to be on the front page, submit the right content which people will love seeing and enjoy reading and boom, you will receive thousands of hits in minutes. So you have to work really hard for the right piece of content.

2.Comment and engage

You can also engage with other fellow redditors and comment with a hyperlink in order to drive traffic from big threads.

3.Brand promotion

You don’t have to insert a link in order to receive traffic, you can also brand yourself. Submit a text post with some great hook and mention your business. It can be seen by thousands of people, but this would be the last option to consider.

I hope you enjoyed my post about traffic from Reddit, I will write many more posts about Reddit and how to use it for proper promotion. I don’t use Reddit for this blog but I use it for my other content blogs which I update on a daily basis.

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