7 Reasons why you should Own a Website

7 Reasons Why you Should Own a Website

Why you Should Own a Website?

If you ask yourself why you should own a website, WHY NOT? It won’t cost you a thing and with my guides you can get one in under 10 minutes. I will display now the 7 reasons why you should own a website.

This post is about people who are interested in starting a website and monetizing it so it brings them good money.
I will enlist man things as to why you should have a website of your own. I want to engage with you on a more personal level. I want to be honest and free because isn’t that what working from home is all about?
This blog is all about learning new things that will help you achieve something more and have fun doing it. Today I want to talk about the 7 reasons why you should start your own website. Keep in mind that I will talk about monetization because that is the main part of starting an online website. But I won’t go to the wrong turn and leave out the passion about starting something that makes you happy.
The 7 Reasons Today we are going to cover are:
  • Passion
  • You Know a Lot
  • Help you Learn
  • Help others
  • Hobby
  • Making Money From it
  • Growing an Idea (entrepreneurship)

Its a passion

First of all many people start a website because of passion. Everyone has an interest and something that he enjoys doing and simply loves it.

I wont give dogs as an example because I already used it, but take flowers or cooking for example. Many people have a garden or live to cook, they have passion towards those things and now they can create a website about it.

Managing a website is not expensive and its really simple once you get the hang of it. Keep in mind that some people love to cook and owning a website about recipes and communicating with people who are interested in the same thing is perfect.

Not only you will do and write about the things that make you happy you can earn money from it as well.

Take this in mind when starting a website because you don’t want to work with something you hate and it is boring to you right? For example if you are a nerdy guy and love games. Would you start a blog about vegetables? No. Period. You will do what you love to do.

Life is to short to get picky that’s why we go with our hearth. Yes some ideas are not worth like others but money isn’t everything. I leave this up to you and the choice is all yours.

You know a lot

Knowing a lot for a particular topic is a good reason why you should start a website. First of all it can bring a lot of profit on the table, you can sell products, courses, ebooks and more so you can earn money.

Knowing a lot on a selected category is beneficial because you only have to write it down and create it, you already know it so you don’t have to learn it for scratch or something like that.

Let’s say that you are a pro with swords and you know everything possible about theme. There are people interested in swords like me that would want to learn everything about them and how to handle them.

You write an e-book about swords and their history and how they work, while creating a course showing how to handle a sword. We buy your course and you $_$ in your pocket. It’s simple as that. Setting up everything will take hard work of one month but after that you won’t touch anything only update. You get money and we are happy as well.

That’s not me!

Help you learn

This is pretty fun actually. I made a test where i started a blog in the same niche as my studies. I wrote about topics related to my schoolwork and it helped me get better and learn the lecture.

For example you are learning something today at school and you go home. Instead of reading it and remember it that way you can write it in a blog post so you will learn it a lot.

I tried this and it worked for me, you can try it as well.Divide it into topics. Let’s say you are a programmer and you studying about HTML. Start a blog or a course on a website it will help you a lot with your learning. I know it sounds silly but it works.

How else are you going to study? With a book pff.. This is much better 😉

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Help other people

Helping other people has always been a passion of mine. You can owe a website for many things including helping people.

You might owe a website for a cause or a movement or donation. Owning a website can help people in many ways not just with charity.

You can give knowledge to a lot of people writing on some topic which they need. Want to help other people and feel good? Also grab some little pocket money on the side. Starting a website is a perfect solution for this, you can achieve much more if you want to.

People underestimate the power of a website. It can become something huge and help a lot more people than you think. You can engage with people and they will tell you how you helped them.


This is really related to the number one reason with passion but i wanted to make it a little bit different.

Having a hobby is a perfect way to spend some time on something you enjoy doing, lets take woodwork for a second.

People have an interest about this and crate various items or maybe creating jewelry or anything hobby related. You can create a site about it and sell your creations so you can earn profit from it.

Let’s say you are creating a something beautiful. Imagine if you put it on etsy you can reach thousands of sales if it’s good. Also a website for it can make your sales go boom. Here is a quick system:

Create ==> Website and Setup ==> Paid Ads and Quality Branding ==> Fast money


This is the number one reason why people start their own sites and work online. Starting a website is the number one way to sell and make money online.

While I won’t go too much on the last two reasons because then I would have to write a lot about them. I will give a brief description to give you a quick guide on why you should start a website.

You can monetize a site with many features, here is my post on how to monetize:

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Read it and it will give you many new perspectives. In order to learn more about this you would need to take a whole course or download my e-book.

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It will teach you how to create a site and monetize it with affiliate marketing. There are other types of monetization I will create a course for them as well.

Growing an Idea (entrepreneurship)

What can I say more?  Do you have an idea and think it’s worth millions? Not to be a jackass but so do billions of people :O what can you do? Well I have the answer..

Each idea is worth de nada without work behind it. We can look at a a lego box all day but will it modify and build itself? NO. Not to be harsh here friend this is the reason I’m creating this post. If you want something go do it!

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Just do it, right? This was my guide on why you should Own a Website. It will help you start a website and maintain it. Check out my blog for other options of monetization. Also check out the other many posts about marketing, blogging, etc. There are no limits with what we can do if we know it, right?

I hope you well and have an amazing day.



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