Affiliate Marketing and Cost Per Lead (CPL)

This is a really important part when it comes to promoting with affiliate marketing. Generating leads for various business can bring a lot of profit. I would like to share with you my story and success with CPL and how I made thousands from it.

What is Cost Per Lead (CPL)?

CPL – means Cost Per Lead so I would be using it because it’s shorter. o CPL means they are going to pay us money for each lead or email opt-in we generate to their landing pages by our unique links.

If we manage to a lead they will pay us various sums depending on many factors. I will talk little about those factors because they are important as well.

So there are many offers like this which pay per CPL. The most common are free sweepstakes sites and surveys or make money sites, but this doesn’t mean just that. You can select from thousands of offers available at many affiliate networks.

So each email from a different country and niche has a different price. Make money are expensive but they are usually only searching for US, Canada, UK… the more advanced countries with a higher purchase power.

But there are also other offers for other countries but are way less. So this is really hard for you to plan and make sure you have a strong plan and the ROI will be good for your campaign.

What is my story?

As I said I have a story with CPL. Last year I discovered a solid campaign which paid me $1.5 for every opt-in I generated to them. I wanted to try it out and test it to see how it works and converts.

Little by little it became one of my most successful campaigns and it generated me thousands of dollars per day. For security reasons I wouldn’t mention the campaign. But after that I have over 10 campaigns tested and 9 of them work perfect, the other it’s still in test faze.

So what I’m saying is that CPL works and you can jump on it right now. I will write a new post about CPL right now for you to join the networks.

Traffic Methods I used for Cost Per Lead?

It all depends on the offer, if I were using a more social and shareable offer I would promote it with Facebook ads. If I were to use a more serious offer I can target and select an audience and promote it to them.

So when it comes to traffic I almost master all, but the most which I master is paid ads. This is my best tip with CPL ads work the most.

So as a heads up keep in mind that ads are really important for future references.

Hope this post helped you and check out the other to join some networks.

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