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Learn affiliate marketing online, hello guys my name is Baze and I want to teach you how to start a good online income. What are the basic ways to start with affiliate marketing online, which networks to use, how to promote and how it works.

What is Affiliate Marketing Online and how to make money with it?

If you haven’t read my post about online marketing, I would suggest for you to go and check it out it will give you a good perspective of what is online marketing and it’s basic functions. Today I want to talk about affiliate marketing online and how to profit from it.

Let me just tell you that affiliate marketing online it’s not a simple process, you have to start learning and take it seriously because you have to invest your time, energy and money into it. Affiliate marketing online can be explained as promoting another persons or company product and getting a commission from it.

Why would you promote someone else? Affiliate marketing online is a good thing because you don’t have the time, services and knowledge to create your own product or service, with affiliate marketing online you simply choose from the many offers given to you by the network or networks and you start promoting them, now I want for you to read carefully because this is a crucial post.

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Affiliate Marketing Online Networks.

When it comes to affiliate marketing there are many networks out there, some are paid some are free, they have many offers listed and you can pick each one you like, the good option here is that you can test each one until you find the one that brings the most profit.

When it comes to the networks, I have used quite a lot, but they are not the same, I cannot advise you on all because I don’t have any experience with them but I can tell you the affiliate networks online that I have personally used and made money with.

I will display the free networks and where you can start as a beginner, ClickBank Affiliate Marketing, Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Max Bounty, Peerfly, Bluehost and Hostgator. This are the ones I have used the most, there are many more but it is good to stick with them until you learn and get more advanced with affiliate marketing.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to making money with affiliate marketing online it’s quite simple. Lets start with the product, you pick a product or service for example an e-book that is $50, if the owner of that product gives 50% commission about each sale you make from your link to his e-book you will earn $25, you and him are both in profit. That is how affiliate marketing online works when it comes to makingĀ  money with it.

Here is an example of a ClickBank product about singing and how much commission it offers and other statistics:

Clickbank Markeplace

Each seller or networks gives a different commission percentage and quite a few networks give a refund option, meaning if the visitor that you brought to the offer from your link made a refund, you will also lose the money from that earning, but don’t worry because when it has a refund option there is a better chance at purchasing.

There are many types of affiliate offers, you can get paid per sale, each time a person buys that service or products you get a part of the sale. You can get paid per action, for example if a person leaves his email you will get paid $1 or more depending on the offer, and other ways of getting paid with affiliate marketing online.

How to Get Visitors?

This is a hard part for many marketers, getting people visit your link can be hard, so how to do it? There are many ways of promotion when it comes to affiliate marketing online, it is not so simple to learn them and require experience to learn and test.

Good traffic sources for affiliate marketing online are:

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

There are many ways that can help you generate a good amount of visitors to your links, it is not that simple so that is why affiliate marketing online is hard.

This covers how to start with affiliate marketing online, for more information for a good revenue using affiliate marketing online read my posts or read on other blogs, this is not a simple process as I said and affiliate marketing online is a delicate work.

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