Affiliate Sweepstakes CPA Offers – Funny Caseguide

So I wanted to share with you a funny caseguide I have used with CPA offers which are free like sweepstakes to earn a lot of money.

I have used this back in the days when I first started, but this method still works and can bring you some quick money into your pockets as well.

So maybe you have read it elsewhere I honestly don’t remember where I read it so I cannot link to it, but this is not my method. I have advanced it but the original idea not.

So How Does This CPA Sweepstakes Method works?

First of all we are going to give and also take. Let me explain how it works. We are going to create an account inside

So I have used them but there are also other sites as well.

This will be a fast caseguide so I wouldn’t be showing step by step images on how to achieve this, but creating an account is really simple.

Once you create the account we are going to start by creating our first giveaway.

If you are wondering why would be giving something away in order to make, it’s how the whole world works… not to break any ideas.

So we will give $15 for example and we will generate emails. Each persons that wants those $15 will give their email and we will get it. We will get the email and reuse it for email marketing.

With email marketing we will promote offers from CPA affiliate networks which are free and international as well and bum. We making money.

Sorry for the short post, I will give you a full tutorial in the days to come, so I don’t let you hanging. Make this as a sneak peak of whats about to come ahead of you.

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