Amazon Affiliate Program Review

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – Join Amazon Associates

This is an Amazon Affiliate Program Review.

I want to explain everything to you, for those who are beginners read carefully and for those who want to know how to start as an Amazon Affiliate this will give you some good help.

We know what an affiliate marketing is and how it works, meaning that we know how to promote someone else product or service and how to make an earning from that. If you skipped it check out this posts for ClickBank affiliate marketing.

This amazon affiliate program has a big difference from the ClickBank network, the reason is because on ClickBank most offers are digital and require no shipment and delivery, while Amazon offers mostly direct products like clothing or items that would require shipment and materials for it to be build, that is why they are different. But for quality I would suggest they are the best.

How does Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

First of all the sign up is free. They don’t charge any fee for affiliates to join their program, everything is free. Click Here to Sign Up.

Once you make an account you will see the whole theme inside of how amazon affiliates work. I cant fully explain this because there might be an update and you will have to find out and look around. It is not that hard for beginners.

You have a lot of amazons items that you can promote right now.

Amazon Associates Program
Amazon Associates Program

How to start promoting.

First of all about online marketing there are a lot of techniques of promoting and I cannot say that there is a best one that you can use to make money. Everything works differently depending on the person that is using them. I would suggest for you to start learning or simply find a passion about what way you want to implement into amazon affiliate program in order to have a full effect.

There are a lot of things and ways an online marketer can promote, as the most common are :

All of this ways you can promote different products, the main things is that you need to find out yourself what will work best for you, you might have a passion for writing or have a passion for Video Marketing. You will have to find out your passion. I can help you get on track, the rest is up to you. Follow your passion.

How can I earn Money with them?

Amazon Affiliate Program is interesting when it comes to commissions. For beginning they offer a 4% commission, you would instantly think that would be very low and you won’t make any money but forget about that. There are a lot of people that make good money with amazon affiliate program, you know why?

When it comes to Amazon you see authority. They are a big company that offers guarantee in their items, so people will buy more from it because of that. The conversion rate would be bigger just because of that.

The other reason is that people tend to buy more direct products or items instead of digital, that way you will generate more sales with the same amount of people that you sent to that offer.

The best part is that Amazon offers a 24 hour cookie. When someone is referred to Amazon from your link, that person will have a 24 hour cookie on him, meaning that whatever he buys in the next 24 hours you will get the commission. That is awesome right? If he buys 20 items you will get commission for all of those items from Amazon. Imagine how much of an earning potential there is.

You can get your links depending on what you are interested in promoting. You can pick whole pages, categories for example products by Calvin Klein only or you can pick one item per one item. That would depend on what are you promoting an your ways of promoting.

What about the low referral rate?

Here is how it all works, they offer a referral scale. If you refer that amount of items your commission will increase, here is what you need to do:

Amazon Referral Rate
Amazon Referral Rate

This is Amazons referral rate. I hope this catches your eye because you can easily sale from the big authority website, people buy more direct items and the 24 hour cookie imagine if someone purchase 20 items and you have 8.5% commission rate. You will earn good money so keep that in mind that my Amazon Affiliate Program review I would recommend for you to join this network. You will only see results and it is all free you have nothing to lose.

Start today with Amazon and I hope you enjoyed my Amazon Affiliate Program Review. They are a multi billion dollar company that you can join. This is my Amazon Affiliate Program Review and only for Amazon, there are other networks like this that offers commission per direct items for example Ebay and many more. I will make a review for all of them.