Analyzing Your SEO Competition

Analyzing Your SEO Competition

There are a lot of things you should be looking out for when you are analyzing your competition, and sadly some things need you to buy tools. I’m going to help you out here by telling you how you can use those trial days wisely and analyze your competition… Trust me, I’m the countries #1 cheap ass.


The first thing you would want to check out is the Domain Authority as well as the Page Authority. DA is essentially how much authority the webpage holds in googles eyes, so if the DA is 3 then that site is pretty much shit on Googles list. Same goes for PA. The metric can be from 0-100 and you would probably want to be like Drake and go to 100 although that’s not possible.

Big brand websites have enormous DA and PA, and most times it is hard to out rank them. Capture

Let’s say that for some reason you tried to rank for the term “Majestic Wine”. It’s going to be nearly impossiblefor you to do that because there is already a website with it’s own brand that has ranked on google for that term.

dddPlus checkout the crazy DA and PA that site has. In theory you would have to have a website with a DA higher than 53 and a PA higher than 61 to beat that site (keep in mind that every new websites starts with 0 DA,PA).

In case you are wondering you can lookup the Domain Authority and Page Authority here, or you can simply download the MOZ (famous SEO website) bar from here if you like using Google Chrome. The toolbar will show you the DA and PA of every website as you scroll down the pages of Google.

There are social media sites as well as blogs that start you off with huge Domain Authority, this makes sense because your website/page/profile/video is a part of a much bigger authoritative website. This goes for websites that have .blogspot on em, Youtube videos as well as Facebook pages.

dddfYou can see here that a Youtube video is out ranking a good website, this is because the video itself has a high DA from the start, so it is easier for it to rank. It was probably also embedded in multiple websites to give it a boost.

-Quick tip: Get the toolbar because you have limited tries on the tool they have on their website.


Trust flow is the metric that tells google how much it can trust this website. Practically the higher the TF the more the website can get away with black hat stuff. If a website has messed up from the start it will have a low Trust flow and a high Citation flow. Citation flow has something to do with the quality of the links that have pointed to the site. The TF and CF can also be from 0-100.


Ideally you want your TF and CF to be as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible. If the CF is a lot higher than the TF then that’s a sign that the admin has been doing some shady shit. Basically if a site has a lot higher TF and a lot higher DA & Pa than you, then you are going to have some problems ranking.

You can get the tool that shows you the TF and CF here. We highly recommend it because it is essential for analyzing your competition. The sites is called Majestic SEO and it is truly amazing.

-Quick Tip: Use your 5 daily tries from the page then log into your account and use another 5 tries. Eventually when you run out of those get yourself a vps or proxy so you can change your IP address and keep on using the tool. We recommend this VPN (which is free to download)

Referring Domains

This is how many domains have pointed to the website you are analyzing. We recommend Ahrefs over Majestic for this because Ahrefs has a much larger database (it shows more domains). You want to look at the domains that are pointing to the site and you want to see if you can get those links.

If the site has crazy high metric inbound links then you know you are dealing with a high level of competition.

Be always sure to check out all of the domains on the first page, not just the top ranking, because you can also make a lot of profit if you are second or third on the SERPs. Be sure to checkout my previous SEO posts as well as the ones to come… Peace!


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