Best Affiliate Program (Networks)

Best Affiliate Program (Networks)

What are the best affiliate program or  best affiliate networks that you can join and start earning revenue with affiliate marketing.

Learn the best affiliate program or best affiliate networks

By know you know what affiliate marketing means and how to implement it for generating revenue. It takes a lot of time and energy and even money to find the right campaign for affiliate marketing. You can implement different techniques and test different affiliate offers to promote.

So here you will learn about how to choose from the best affiliate programs and best affiliate networks to view offers so you can implement into your affiliate marketing.

This is the time where you choose. There are two type of offers. One type is physical or offers which require shipping to the customer and the other part is digital where everything is online or in electronic form.

Keep in mind that the physical products are easier to sell because they are more trustworthy but the commission is smaller because of the materials to make the product. A physical product is sold anywhere from %4 – %20 on average. This is the commission you will receive if you sell the product.

As for digital products they are higher, some are even %100, but the most common are %50 and %75 for each sale you make. This is a pretty fair amount of money.

There are also direct products combined with digital, they are giveaways, contests and trial offers. Let’s pick the Best Affiliate Program

How does affiliate marketing works

Picking the networks:

Digital Products

They tend to sell less than the physical products but the earnings for each sale are higher on the average. There are many kind of offers to complete and earn money with. For example with one networks offers you 75% per sale on average, that gives the company to be per sale.

Other way of digital products is CPA or cost per action. Once you get the offer you have to get the visitor to complete an offer. For example if an offers says that you will be paid 2$ for each person from USA that leaves his email, this is more complicated than the simple sale but the more advanced marketers can make a lot of money with this.

CPA Affiliate marketing

Also there are other ways of affiliate marketing but let’s stick to the main one which is generating the sale.

Here’s a fair list of one of the best digital product networks which you can join and start you affiliate marketing campaigns:

This are the most common, start with ClickBank because it’s the most common and easiest to join.


You should also know that there are also networks which require experience to join and some are easy and free.

Physical Products

When it comes to physical products there are many good networks out there, I’m sure that you know a lot of them already and might have purchased from them, for example Amazon. Most of them are very easy to get membership with and are free to join.

Here is a list of those networks:

With the proper research you can search for other affiliate networks like this, I simply displayed the best and the ones that I have used but there are also legit and great networks to use.

So that ends it with picking the Best Affiliate Program and best affiliate networks out there. How to join them and make money with them.

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