Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing, this is a pretty amazing way of promotion as i will explain how you can promote affiliate products and services with blogging and how to increase your conversion rate in a big time using hard selling or soft selling.

First of all in order to keep a blog up and running you have to write constantly. It might sometimes get hard to maintain and writing all the time but you don’t have to do that. There are a lot of bloggers that only write on a monthly basis for example they online write posts on the first day of each month.

Blogging doesn’t require for you to write each and every day because it can get a lot harder to write quality content each and everyday. What kind of plan you will make depends on you.

Blogging the right way

What type of content to use?

This is pretty simple because you don’t need to write in order to make money. There are many ways to create content that will be amazing and will convert your visitors when it comes with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

Creating a podcast is really simple for the people that are naturally good with talking and discussing topics with other people, this way you can reach and give amazing potential to your audience.

Video series is another solution for people that don’t know how to write content and that way you can use video to be your hook. Video marketing converts a lot more, that way you can increase sales if you are good on video.

Other types are images, presentation, infographic, etc.

How to use Blogging and Affiliate Marketing together?

This is the part where I explain how to use them together and generate a massive income with blogging. So when it comes to blogging there are many ways that you can generate an income as I mentioned in one of me previous posts. Now I will explain how to do it with affiliate marketing.

Picking a topic to write for is simple, follow what you are passionate about or do proper research to see what is profitable. Once you do that you must use it in your advantage.

There are a lot of affiliate products and services you can pick from and there is always a product for your niche, take cooking for example. So if you have a cooking blog how can you monetize it with affiliate marketing?

Let’s start with the basics, you can do a review about it. There are a lot of great affiliate marketing products that teach about cooking for example and you can do a  review post about them aiming the title to be targeting your audience for that product.

Now you have the post and should display it to the visitor in order to convert him and buy it. So if a visitor is looking for a review about “paleo cookbook” you can show that to him and convert him to buy it from your affiliate link so you can earn commissions.

If he is looking for a review he is already caught and you have to pull him in. You can either hard sell to him telling him how great the product is or you can suggest him pros that he will decide in his mind that he needs it. This is hard work so be careful when you create the content for your blog, go slow and find mistakes.

How to blog

Other types of promotion:

Helpful content, for example if you are explaining some process you can suggest them the affiliate product as a solution for his problems that way he will be an easy target for you to aim at. This is a really great way because you are also helping the person to find a solution.

Hard selling a product is simple and you can also use it for your advantage but be careful with the audience and what you are aiming for. Displaying the pros of each product to them might convert them or you might lose them.

The best way to promote with a blog is to give value. Giving value to the visitor he will trust you and return the favor to your offer. So a blog takes work but it’s an amazing tool to use for promoting. Start Blogging and Affiliate Marketing today.


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