CPA Affiliate Marketing Networks

What are CPA Marketing Networks?

This is a really interesting topic because there are a lot of networks. I have used many of them but cannot really say about all of them. With each day the network grows bigger and bigger so more companies are joining in.

I can only say about the companies I have used and the ones that I had the most success with. If you are interested in joining them I have some good recommendations.

So this is a combination with the previous post about CPL or cost per lead.

My Experience with them?

I have had some experience with them. I can surely say and recommend the best here and I will order them by rank by my opinion. I don’t promote the programs nor have personal contact with them. I’m giving it truly of value and don’t ask for nothing in return.

Here are the best CPA companies by my opinion:

  • MaxBounty
  • Neverblue
  • Bizprofits
  • Adworkmedia
  • CPALead

I have used others as well, but I said I shall give the best ones. So here they are, I have used all of them and have earned money through them.

They paid me on time and didn’t cause any trouble, but for future references I cannot say, sorry but people change.

The most success I had is MaxBounty so far but to be honest they are a little tight. You can find more “blackhatty” offers at Adworkmedia and promote the offers.

It all depends on what are you looking for and what kind of campaign you are planning to launch and work with.

So I hope this answers any questions you have had about the CPA affiliate networks. They are legit and safe to join, also free.

Keep in mind that some are harder to join than others, but to be honest everyone has it’s perks.

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