Crazy CPA Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Crazy CPA Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Today I will show you the caseguide of the CPA method I was talking about. I will give you a detailed step by step walkthrough guide so you can implement it without a problem. This is a guarantee method if you are willing to work for it and you can make money starting from today if you use it.

You can also grow and scale with it if you are interested in earning a bigger revenue, but for beginners I would advise you to start step by step and see where your limits are at so you can continue from there. I have made money from this method, but not anymore because this is a startup method which you can use to generate some good money and build upon something larger from it.

I hope you understand me so whenever you are ready let’s get to business and start this method from scratch.

How will it work?

It all starts with this site called Rafflecopter.

What is Rafflecopte?

This is a free site to join and its the most crucial part of this case guide. You can create an account very easy just make sure you are using the right information for your account. Please note that this method is not a scam nor it’s blackhat in any other way. Once you create the account we are going to confirm it and after we are going to make a giveaway.

This is the most important part of it all, make sure you use a good hook so the best of them all is money. Selecting the right amount is also important because there are competition that can take down your volume so make sure you are always at top. Make the giveaway around $15 as a beginner or even more. This is exactly up to you and the reason is because we are going go give them the money for free once this giveaway contest ends. The average amount should be 30 days for the contest but don’t worry.

So we need to have a spare $15 to start, you can either put some away now or you can add from the ones you are going to generate and invest into this system. Remember that I tried it with $15 you can also do with $50 or more if you want to. This is important because the larger the number the bigger the pool of people we are going to get.

Following this guide as I tell you will get you some quick and good results, just make sure you follow through.

Before We Create it “The Most Important”

This is the most important part of the whole “method”. We must use the people we are going to get for re marketing them with some related offers using affiliate marketing techniques and offers that convert on CPA. I will show you and give you some recommendations on how to achieve this and which will be the best solution for your type of audience.

You have an option to select the country you would like to promote, to be honest most of the offers we are going to select are based on US or related countries but there are also for weaker countries as well. Keep in mind when I mean weaker I mean countries that have a weaker buying power and don’t convert as good as the US ones.

This is crucial for it all, select only EMAIL because we will be using them for promotion.

Select the US as I did, but if you like to put some work you can try the untapped niche with other countries. After you have mad the decision let’s see the offers.

Which CPA offers are good enough?

So this is an important part because the CPA offers are our key to making money with this method. First I will show you and tell you how the offers work and after that I will show you the whole patter on how to achieve this.

So the CPA offers we are going to use will be next to our niche, I will be using money in this method, but you can also give away other things as well. It doesn’t have to be money.

People are interested in winning things, in this case my $15 giveaway. So if they are interested in my giveaway they will also be interested in another giveaway. There are a lot of good CPA offers coming from Maxbounty or the other companies I mentioned in my previous post.

You can see inside for example a $500 Giveaway from a bank, or even a gift card. People are interested in winning this things and will give their emails in order to win the select price. So you can pick from the many various offers inside the companies or even you can improvise if you like.

So after you have selected your angle of slipping them the offers I will tell you how to connect the dots and how to promote this.

How the offers are paid? Well most of them are for an email submit, if someone enters and email you are going to get paid $1.5 for that email. You will be earning money that way.

Connecting the Dots

This is it, we have the offer, have the contest ready and now we need the people. First I will tell you how to use the people after you get them. So you have promoted them and gathered the emails.

You can either use an autoresponder for sending emails. I would recommend GetResponse because of their 30 day 1000 subs trial.

You can find the trial here

Or you can send them by hand if you like and connect with the people you are sending the offers to. Because keep in mind they are going to make you money but you are also giving them a chance to win something as well. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

You can make some good emails, and enter the offers into those emails. I have personally had some loyal people that I sent offers to them daily. They were engaging with me and converting daily.

With the promotional methods I’m going to show you now you can gather a lot of people and build your database of people that will become a daily converting machine, ready?

What to Promote?

First of all there are free sites for you to submit your raflecopter contest at. You have even a link specially for that platform which means it’s very legit and reliable to use.

The so called sites are searched with a keyword, for example you can use keywords such as “add sweepstakes” or “sweepstake websites” they have an option to add your sweep. It’s also interesting that you can use ads from their platforms which can increase your reach getting more customers.

This is the most important part when promoting this offer because I tend to generate around 250 people per week and that is a lot of emails to be honest and the bright side it’s for free.

But there are other methods as well,

P.S. Don’t give up that easily work around the keywords you will get a lot of sites. I have around 50 sites in my notepad.

You can also promote on Twitter using #hastgas they are quite amazing and convert well. Everyone wants those $15 free money plus they also want the other offers free money as well. Do you see the power into this method. Paying ads isn’t quite cost effective but that might also work I haven’t tried it.

Be creative when it comes to this, don’t wait around and great things will happen. Hope this sorts out a lot of questions and have a great day.


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