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DailyMotion Video Marketing – Traffic Generation

You Tube is know as the best video sharing website but it still has some competition left, Dailymotion is known as the second best video sharing site, it’s a lot like You Tube and can be used to generate some good leads for your business as well.

Video marketing is an amazing way to generate some good targeted traffic to your sales page and convert them into customers, with one of my affiliate video marketing funnels I managed to generate a sale for every 30 worldwide traffic and the sale was $35 which makes me a lot of good money. It generates me a ROI of 250% and I simply test it so I can increase it more.

If you don’t know a lot about video marketing, I would suggest for you to take a look at my previous posts so you can get more educated:


This post will be about DailyMotion Video Marketing, but also I will teach you how to earn money with DailyMotion the same you can do with You Tube, so this will be a 2 in 1. I will teach you how to generate a good amount of traffic for your offer or how to start an income using it’s publisher network.

Let’s begin first with the DailyMotion Video Marketing tutorial. How to tap into the big site and market your service or for someone else. First of all they have an amazing program for advertisement and you can tap into it, it’s really similar as the one with You Tube so you can easily navigate through it.

Organic Video Growth

This is the first option here, you can grow your video for free using, they have a good and stable algorithm that you can tap into it, similar to You Tube’s. Adding your video and letting it grow and rank into Dailymotion’s  search engine so that a lot of people can see it, trust me it brings a lot of good views, I personally have generate some money with organic video growth using Dailymotion, but it isn’t much only around $200 when I first started, here is a screenshot:

My Dailymotion Revenue

As you can see here I generate money every month, I started in May one year ago and it made some money then I stopped, you can see it still grows to this day, if I continued to add more and more I would have made a lot of money by know, but I got something better. This is for people that are starting or interested in a passive income.

DailyMotion Video Marketing – Advertisement

This video site is perfect for advertisement, it has some amazing features, please first check out this image or go to their page and in the footer find advertisement:

Dailymotion Advertisement

You have multiple ways to monetize this site and I have only used the in video monetization. It’s the same as You Tube’s before video starts, skip the video ad. I test it and it bring some profits on the table, so that is what I wanted to share it with you.

Plus you have the impression banner ad that pops after 10 seconds you are watching the video and if you know how to use those it can bring some profits as well.

There are other options so take a look and plan carefully.

Becoming a Dailymotion publisher

Earn money displaying ads with Dailymotion, you can earn money the same way I did in the image I showed to you. It’s really simply all you have to do is create a publishers account which you can find on their home page and once you create your account you are all set to go.

Keep in mind that they accept everyone and no country is left out so everyone can participate. Once you create your free account you can navigate a little bit throughout their site and see how everything works. They have 3 options to monetize your videos, by selling them, by placing ads on them or by embedded with ads on a website. Which option you choose will bring profit but I suggest you go with the advertisement.

Copy and Paste

If you have a successful campaign on You Tube you can only copy and paste it into Dailymotion so you can increase your potential revenue and expand your business. They have quality traffic which you can target by country so it won’t be a problem to add a campaign to your already successful from You Tube.

Hope this post will help you better understand the possibility about Dailymotion and the expansion of your video marketing campaigns. This was a post about DailyMotion Video Marketing but I also included a way to monetize your videos and they can bring some money as well.

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