Does Email Marketing Work

Does Email Marketing Work, What is Email Marketing?

Why does email marketing work, and how to use it?

Yes email marketing works, a lot of people are saying that the money from an online business is in the email marketing or “in the list”. This is not completely true but having an email marketing campaign is crucial for your business. It can help you have a better contact with your subscribers and followers and you can have a better revenue with them so does email marketing work? You can join my newsletter for a free E-book and tutorials.

First of all what is email marketing? When it comes to marketing one of the things is promotion, the reason is to bring visitors to your site or offer and there you promote to them or simply help them. There are many tools of promotion that you can try as an online marketer. One of the best things is to set up an email marketing. Why? Because that is how you can connect with the people the most and get to know them, you can chat with them and classify them by value. This will help you a lot in your business and you will find followers for life. I will explain it step by step.

Email Marketing Technique is when you get the emails of your customers or visitors and then you give them promotional or free offers to them via email. This is a great way to get their attention and it can add great value to them and you. When I say, this is a crucial thing to have in your business, so does email marketing work?

1.The Basics

First of all when it comes to email marketing you must have a site or  a way to get emails from your visitors. There are more options that you can do this it all depends on your promotion. But how can you see the email that the person has left for you? We must start with an email marketing company. There are a lot of great companies online for email marketing that you can use, it all depends on what kind of pricing are you interested in, but for the best ones I would suggest you:

  • GetResponse – This is a great email Marketing Company or software that I use and I have been with it for more than a year till now. You can join it for free and they offer a 30 day test with 250 Subscriber or (email) limit. Then you will be charged normally. They are a great company and I cannot complain with them, they have a great live support and great templates that you can use for your marketing.
  • Aweber would be the second, I honestly used them only for a month and I cannot say anything more, I have heard that they are the same as GetResponse and you should check them both out.

They are both companies that you need to pay to use them, at first they offer free trial but then you must pay them to use them. I could offer you another way to promote to your subscribers, this email marketing company is called MailChimp and they offer you a 2000 free list of emails that you can use. They are free and you can join them here.

GetResponse Email Marketing
GetResponse Email Marketing

Once you have chosen you email marketing software I’m going to show you why email marketing works and why is it so famous. Pick wisely because it is going to reflect on your business, I’m not forcing you on these email marketing providers you can pick yourself there are many out there, this is the ones I recommend.

2. How to Set Up the Email Marketing Campaign

This was very hard for me at the beginning and very confusing, when you start things are so hard to understand but never give up, you will get passed that and you will see how much knowledge you can learn. Lets start with the basic and how to set up our campaign. Depending on what network we are going to choose first of all we must make a campaign. I’m going to give an example from GetResponse. Campaign is where we are going to put out contacts that we gather, you can have more campaign than one, it all depends on how are you going to categorize your subscribers.

Once we make the campaign we are going to make a web form. This is one of the main things, the web form is the catch. In order to get the email from your visitor you must offer him quality so he can give his email and you must deal with it carefully. What is the catch so  the person will give his email to you? Offer him some unique item, maybe it is an e-book or some tutorial, it all depends on what your niche is and what kind of customer are you aiming for. Study this because it is important. You must test it out at first in order to know your best options. Finding out the best web form is very important and by web form I mean not just that field, I mean the text or image that you are going to display to that person.

How to Start with Email Marketing

3. The Catch

How are we going to catch those visitors? There are more ways you can do this. I’m going to give you the basics for now. As I said there are many tools of promotion and it all depends on what you choose, you can either choose to promote with paid advertising, social media, video marketing, blogging, writing and many more, this all depends on you. There are many ways to catch a persons email, the most easiest method is with a landing page. Landing page is a little webpage that you send your visitors to in order to get their emails. Here you promote some great offers and your idea is to get their email.

Best example for a landing page should be that it captures around 50% of the visitors that you send. This is a pretty basic method that most marketers use in order to get peoples emails and promote to them or give them value. This is one way of promotion, there are many more you can try. The good ones are blogging, website, social media, pop ups and many more. I’m going to explain them all so keep in mind, so does email marketing work?

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

4. How to use the emails?

This is the best part but the hardest, this is where you must make your plan of promoting, what to give those people and how to give it to them. This is one of the hardest methods that many people fail at. The best marketers online communicate with the people, they are not spamming them with offers from affiliate marketing and are not too aggressive.

You must learn who that person is and you should help them, that is the most important part in marketing not spamming and profit. Keep in mind that and the rest is up to you. I would suggest for a good communicative way of promotion with your subscribers, give them value.

When it comes to promotion there are two ways. You can send them a message that you have just made of wanting to promote some offer that you just found out or you want to show them what you are working on. This is when you send them a message manually. This is a great way of promotion.

There is also the auto messaging. This is a great way to promote. You set up emails and make a list or a schedule so they can be send out. For example you have 1000 people in your marketing campaign, you send them a great message but tomorrow you get another 100 people and you want to send them that message again but you can why? Because you will have to send everyday and everyday tons of messages and what the auto messaging will do is will send the messages how you set them. Everyone will receive by schedule so you don’t waste time and energy so does email marketing works?

5. Making Money With Them

You can promote to them whenever you want because you have their emails forever, but remember they can unsubscribe at any time keep that in mind. That is why people are asking does email marketing works. They don’t know how to promote, be careful with your subscribers they are people like you and it is not great when you get spammed by emails right?

Does Email Marketing Work? YES!

You can offer them a lot of offers it all depends on your marketing plan and you can promote to them and they will stay with you forever. That is why email marketing works. You get to know and communicate with this people forever.

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