Can You Forgive Us?

It took us a long ass time for us to realize this, but we are proud to say that from today we are turning a new leaf. Yup from today we are going to add more value to our readers by getting closer to them and by making our stuff more entertaining.


By no means don’t think that our past content is garbage. It took us a lot of time to make it, and we tried our best to make it good. We did make some dull and shitty articles that aimed to give us some traffic from father google.

We do hope you forgive us for that, and we will try to make it up to you by making this a fun experience with shitty jokes and some old classic bonding.

Who are we?

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B. Popchev                                                                                                              T.Cecev

We are a team of two childhood friends who have not settled for mediocrity. We have devoted our time to online marketing and we want to share our experience so we can help people along the way, but how did we start it all?

We first met when we were little kids going to the same primary school and playing on the same streets in Veles, Macedonia. Later in high school we started going to the gym together to do bro things. Do you even lift?

What made our bond so strong? Maybe it was the thirst for self development or the corny and stupid jokes we liked, or who knows maybe it was the rap music or the same taste in movies. At first we started doing online marketing solo, Baze went on to make this blog and try out different marketing methods, and I took the SEO path (the fuck was I thinking??).

Both of us were sucking balls at the start when we were working alone only to receive the casual $500 per month, but our online careers blew up when we joined forces, yay (pretty gay huh).
By combining our knowledge from the different ends of the spectrum we were able to go into an upward spiral of success. We today are still not satisfied with our results, even though we are grateful with what we have and we keep on hustling for more. Along the way we realized that you are not really making a difference in the world if you are keeping all the helpful information to yourself. So here we are trying to help people realize their dreams while trying to realize ours too.

What we did wrong?

Nothing. That is not the reason we are creating this post. We simply want to connect with our audience on a personal level. You are people like us with dreams and ideas so we would like to help you achieve them.

It’s not that hard if you have someone to walk you along the way. This post is created not only for us but as well as for you. From today on we will engage with you and get to know you. Please feel free to comment on our post because we have changed our commenting system that way you can create accounts and chat with us. Also contact us, we offer a contact form and a newsletter subscription as well. We are here to help you and guide you as a team, welcome to our journey.

Give us your honest opinion and tell us what you think of this blog. It’s rather simple, if you have problems tell us about it because we are here to help you solve them. Give us your passion and we will turn it into a great business idea.

We would like to apologize for not acknowledging and engaging with you by now. From now till forever we are going to change our perspective about many things.

Our Future

Our plan is to evolve our site Paid Online Jobs (POJ) into something more than your regular boring blog. We would like to create a family and a team. What we want to do is change everything with time and create a community for people who have dreams and passions to start an online business and create an income from the comfort of their homes.

Stick with use we will update this blog daily and engage with new ideas and offer new solutions to our problems. We are not perfect and everyone has flaws, but we can fix them together. Let’s make a team today and create something more than just a blog.

In the long run we are looking to create this blog to help many people, we hope you will be here with us as we will be with you.

Give us some time

Please be patient with us because in the next few weeks we are going to try and develop are true personal writing styles. We are going to put our personalities in our articles and we do understand that not everybody is going to like that. Critique us by all means, but do it in a constructive manor if you can because we too have feelings 😀

Any feedback will be helpful and I will say it again, don’t hesitate to comment.

Thank you for your time, yours truly the POJ team.

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