Most Recommended Resources:

This are the resources that I recommend the most and they are the key to starting an online business and maintaining an online income.

Many of the resources I use for my online businesses so they are safe and the best on the market.


One of the best web-hosting companies that I highly recommend because of their quality and cheap price for beginners, note that this is the only resource that will cost you here, everything else that I recommend is free.

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2.Aweber Free Trial

The best tool for email marketing by far. I have been a member for almost two years and I haven’t had a single error with them. Try them today for free in the next 30 days and be amazed of the results. Join it today.

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This is a powerful tool to pay your expenses without lifting a finger. If you have employees you can send many payments and receive money fast and easy.


This is where you should store all your information for safe keeping. Creating an account is free and fast.

5.Sumo Me

I honestly cannot say anything bad about this tool. It’s free and it offers 20 and more features starting from welcome mat, email catcher, contact form and many more options.

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This are all the tools to get you started and will follow you even if you generate millions. They play key for every business and are important to have.