My Email Marketing Journey

My Funny Email Marketing Journey

As we said we are turning our pages and finding our voice. This post is really funny and that’s why I want to share it with you. It will be funny for you but not for me. Life is hard..

I already wrote about email marketing and how much it can increase your business, the reach and far better communication with your members. It’s an amazing tool to use and boom your conversion rate. But it still has some flaws.

Here are my posts about email marketing that you will find useful. They will teach you everything about it and wait a couple of months until I finish my course about email marketing and how you can do it. This course will be on an advanced level so if you are a beginner just read the post, geez.

Does Email Marketing Work, What is Email Marketing?

What is a Landing Page?

This is nothing compered with what I’m going to offer you in the future. But it’s free so take it, just take it!

My Email Marketing Experience

Well mate I have been working with email marketing a lot of years. I own a list of 30 000 subscribers that are interested in making money online. I’m generating 100 – 200 leads daily from paid advertisement (another course BTW) and I grow daily.

I filter my list monthly and clean some emails, why? Well because SPAM. There are many spam mails in email marketing and if you are planning to do something serious keep in mind that you should use DOI. That is double opt-in, in order to subscribe he has to log in to the email and confirm. That will filter all the spammers and fake emails so you can have a nice and clean list.

This is a bad option because if you are going very broad you will lose a lot of people to LAZINESS. They are too lazy to log into their emails and simply click confirm. But let me not get too away from the story.

As I said my years of work with email marketing, just hit rock bottom.

I was with a service for 2 years and I’m not gonna mention what service it is (GetResponse) just flunked me like that.

This is an awesome service I’m not going to hate it but I’m so angry!

What did I do wrong?

I have no idea, no freaking idea what I did wrong. Let me tell you how hard it is to fix something like this. So I have been using Get Response for quite some time 2 years I think and I had a huge list with them. I’m not so sad about the list as I am for my funnel.

So I had a funnel 90 days 5 unique campaigns. I had 5 different systems with unique work that drove people and made me sales and showed them how to start an income online. What happen? I got banned and I lost 2 years of hard and test work without a WARNING! Did you just read the WARNING SIGN i just wrote? Yes you did, but I didn’t because there was none.

It was just like a movie, I got slapped out of nowhere and my cheek was red as hell. Can you image how much I need to write again in order to get my campaigns up and running? I didn’t even receive an email, I might have broke their terms dunno why but they could have told me to pack up and leave right?

I mean who does that, just shut the door in front of me. Plus it hit me, let me tell you guys the door hit my face. You might be wondering how it hit me?

It hurts! My Email Marketing Journey

I was ready to put a lot of new ads tested and ready to be launched. I work with ads the most…I just paid them the money, I payed my monthly membership because they are recurring. So I gave them money, I don’t know how much it was but It wasn’t little. I think it was around 180$ don’t remember what kind of package I pick because I was cleaning my list.

That is not the problem, the problem is that I didn’t get a refund. When I asked for my money back they simple shut me down with terms just like that.

It hurt me a lot because I loved them, they were not as good but I simply loved them. They were with me from the start and I was hooked to them. This is My Email Marketing Journey.

Other Damage Parts?

Well I had to change every webform and reedit my landing pages from start by hand and that killed me. I have a lot of pages and a lot of sites that I need to edit and took me a lot of time to design my forms. Well I think it’s worth it because I might have lost more. You can’t win them all right?

What did I choose?

I chose aWeber email marketing service. They are next to Get Response a little bit better and I recommend them the most now. They are far better than GetResponse and I love them more now!

I would offer you a test with email marketing to test aWeber and to see for yourself. They are far better than my opinion and should have joined them a long time ago.

Click Here to Join aWeber for Free

Here is all the damage they did:

  • 5 Unique 90 Day Funnels (Automated)
  • Mulla (They took my money)
  • Full edit on my landing pages and webforms
  • New Adding my Contacts
  • TIME

They wasted my time and I hate that. As I said my writing style is new and it will be real. I will tell everything what is true and what isn’t. From now on I change everything, I hope you don’t get bothered from my language and my honest, but I Don’t care. I’m here to help you and that is what I’m doing if you are not interest sorry, I can’t change myself.

This was My Email Marketing Journey and I hope you enjoyed it.

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