GetResponse Email Marketing Network

GetResponse Email Marketing Network

GetResponse Email Marketing Network is one of the best, they offer great quality services and support, I personally have used them for years and I’m satisfied with them. Email marketing plays a big part in your online business and it is a good way to implement for a bigger revenue, if you don’t know what email marketing is, click here.

As I mention there are many other email marketing providers but for me GetResponse email marketing network is the best, I will explain why.

Get Response

GetResponse Email Marketing Network

GetResponse email marketing network is a good company that offers great quality and the best services, they have been around since 1998 and are still sharing their services for their customers, they number of members have grown to a large number and their services are getting more advanced and offer more options.

Why GetResponse email marketing network is the best? I will explain each detail they offer so you can see if they would work for you. Lets start with the basic.


The First page they offer is contacts, with GetResponse email marketing network you can view you contacts easily and without a problem, they offer great options for your contacts and you can sort them out however you like.

Get Response Contact Search

Here you can see the options they give for your contacts, sorting them out and making specific lists for better promotion, for example you can sort your contacts into only USA, last opened your email in 10 days, from customer campaign, that way you have a good targeted list that you know what it stands for.

They also offer for you to export and import your contacts and delete them or move them to another campaign, adding a custom field or cleaning your list.


This is the part where you engage with your audience, you can do this manually or automated. Lets start with manually.

You can create a good newsletter that you can send out to your customers and engage with them, you are only sending this once at that moment, you can target your selected lists and promote that offer or news to them. Here is an example of how to create a newsletter:


They offer a simple plain text editor or an html editor, they also offer ready templates for you to just use.

As for the automated service, you setup emails on a calendar meaning that when a person joins your list you have a setup of 30 messages that will send automatically in the next 45 day for example, that way you setup a good messages blueprint on auto pilot, driving all of your leads.

They also offer RSS to email service.


You can see your statistics of your messages sent and the open and click rate percentage and making your next plans based on it.


Create simple surveys for your contacts for further investigation over them.


This is a good option that you can create simple forms that can catch peoples emails or names, that way you can grow your list and business, they offer many kind of great forms that you can just click and set it up, here is a good example of how they look.



Create simple and wonderful landing pages that you can send visitors to and catch their emails for growing your online business, this is a great service. Drag and drop features so you can create wonderful landing pages.


Awesome support, live support and chat that you can connect instantly and they offer instant fix on your problems.


They are not expensive, they offer a 30 day free trial and then after that you can get one of their offers, here is a good example of how they look right now:

GetResponse Plan Upgrade

By fart I can say that GetResponse email marketing network is the best provider.

Click Here to Join GetResponse email marketing network. Get all of this awesome features and great bonuses.

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