How Do You Niche?

This is the second post of the POJ SEO series and, no I’m not going to name all of the next SEO posts this way so chill. Today I will be covering how you can pick the best niche that suits you. What I mean by picking your niche is selecting what your money-site (website) is going to be about.

It’s common knowledge that you should do the things you love, same goes for picking the niche, but let’s be honest here, you want to learn SEO so you can make money right? There is nothing wrong with that and I would like to save you guys a lot of trouble. I also understand that a lot of our readers are just starting out and want to make short term money. I would like to remind you that SEO isn’t really your go to fast money making way, but there are ways you can make money arrive faster.

Here are things you need to take into account when picking your niche.


The first idea I had when I started doing SEO was ranking on top of google for the term “loose weight”, and to nobody’s surprise I didn’t make it to the top.

giphyYou should care because there is a huge lesson you should learn from this… Don’t try to overtake the giants. For some niches it is “impossible” to rank number 1, because groups of people have stationed themselves very well up there. You can’t expect to beat company like Bose (Sound Company) for a keyword about it’s own product.

The way you should go about this is analyzing your competition. With time you will not what to look for when doing this but here is where you should start.

1.Keyword Planner   (Later I will go more in depth about these two)

With this you can check how much volume a keyword is getting. You can figure it from here if it’s worth to actually try and rank the keyword.

2.Looking at the top page

When you see a google page the first thing you should analyze is the domain that is ranking first. I will tell you how in the next article (because there is a lot to talk about).


This one is simple, it can either make you money or it can’t. To help you pick the more profitable niches I present to you this list.


These are the most profitable niches of 2015, use them wisely.


I know I was talking smack about how just picking what you love is not enough but for real, pick something that you truly admire. The reason for this is that you are going to be doing something you love and you are not going to have much of a problem writing content (because you probably know a lot already). You should do this because you can probably withstand the test of time and not quit.

The biggest problem that people run into is monetizing the website. There is a special article for this from Baze, check it out.

I hope this article has helped you out, and don’t worry there will be more content to come!

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