How to Freelance, Sell Your Expertise Online

How to Freelance, Sell Your Expertise Online.

Learn how to freelance and learn how to properly sell your expertise online.

This is a hard question when it comes to choosing what you want to do in order to make money online. There are many ways that you can start generating an income, I will explain how to freelance and start making money online, this wont be easy but with the right plan you will start earning an income. I mentioned in my last post, what is the best freelance network. I have displayed the top freelancing sites where you can sell your expertise for a profit.

First of all, I hope you understand what a freelancer is, if not you can view more about it here or read my previous post. Now I said that I’m going to help you start your own freelancing career and it wont cost you, as I mentioned all the sites are free to join and require no fee or payment to join and work with them, this is the basics of how to freelance.

First of all I’m going to talk about the freelance networks and then how you can set up your own website or product, or even find someone to work for as a freelancer, learn how to freelance.

Freelance Worker
Freelance Worker

1.Freelancing networks:

How to start.

First of all we must make a plan, you will make a plan for yourself, write down you best traits, what is the best you do in life and what is your passion about, you can also have a degree in something and you can sell that for a good profit.

I want you to write down all your skills, even if you were drawing good when you were five or had some kind of interesting and fun hobby that you enjoy. This is a big step and one of the biggest when it comes to freelancing, why? You want to work and make something that you love and enjoy, you can do other things yes but imagine if you hate writing and you set up a task about writing a big article, will you enjoy doing this? No. That is why it is important to pick something you love so that it wont be a big task for you, it will be more a fun and interesting time spent for profit. You can also search on the internet or learn something new it all depends.

Once you find the things that you would love to do the most, it is time to sell them for a profit. I will give you some quick examples, you might be a designer, painter, writer and many more traits, you would want to pick the one you think will be the most valuable. This is a big step because you need to have an investment back, find something that you can do fast and still offer quality. It is better to finish 10 tasks in a day instead of 5 for the same quality and also find something that you will have a profit from, if you create something and you waste time and materials you must have profit from that item. Make this plan and pick what you want to create.

The Setup.

This is setting up your expertise to online websites, you now know what you want to sell online and what is your best trait, this is where the action is made. I have displayed the best freelancing website by my choice in the post I mentioned and you can start from there, or you can do research yourself if you are interested in other networks, there are networks also that only take coders, some take only designers it all depends. On the ones I mentioned there is no capacity and every person is welcome to join and sell his trait.

Find the right network or networks that you want to join and set up your accounts, they will be free and you should edit your info and add profile pictures so you have more authority. Once you do that I will give you one example for Fiverr, when you manage your first gig, you want to include what you offer inside, the best benefits, it is not recommended to lie to them because they will cancel it. Always be honest about yourself and what you offer, that is the trick on how to freelance.

Boosting your profit, start making money.

Now I can say this is one of the hardest parts when it comes to freelancing, that is why I made this post how to freelance. If you thing that once you set up your profile and expertise that you will make money, that is a lie. You must have a good rating and someone must recommend you in order for more people to purchase for you or even get a better rank in the search results. This is a must have when it comes to freelancing.

This is the hardest part and that is the start, why? Because nobody knows you and nobody is interested in you if you offer the same as a guy who has 1000 ratings and you have 0. How can you get above him?This is the hard part, in order to get more noticed you first must give more than him for the same price or same as him for the lover price. Then when people start purchasing your gigs you will start to earn rating and you can start charging more and more as you get people to buy from you until you get to the same place as him. This is a great way to get noticed, offer something that will cost you but in the long run you will benefit from it.

There are also other ways to promote yourself, you can set up an advertisement, share it on social media, get people to visit it, start a blog.

After you get rating you will see how much you can start earning as a freelancer with those networks.

Freelance Desk
Freelance Desk

2. Your Own Brand

This is an interesting way you can start a how to freelance income, when you start to build a brand for yourself. By this I mean start a website or a service that you can offer as a freelancer. This is a advanced how to freelance technique, I would recommend this for medium or advanced people because you will need to know about setting up a website or great promotional tools. When it comes to the networks you have millions of people visiting it and you have a chance as a beginner, this is one way of how to freelance.

Keep in mind this is a huge deal when it comes to freelancing and building your own brand, you will offer a great service that people can purchase and you will earn money just for yourself. You wont share it with the networks.

I will write a different post about this, building your band from scratch.

Freelance Brand and Worker
Freelance Brand and Worker

3. Working for someone

This is also a hard way and not for beginners, you must have more experience and more knowledge before you start here. How to make money with this? First of all you must email or get contact with people that need your skills or expertise, you can find them on Google or search for them and you must contact them.

Making a deal is the same as working for them, for example you might write about “X” subject about some “X” site and you will be paid $100 per article. This is just an example. I hope you understand this way of how to freelance and this is a hard method, you must have a background and experience.

This is the basics of how to freelance and become a great freelancer. You can use this methods to start making money online. If you are interested to make money online with marketing click here.

If you have any more question contact me after you join my newsletter or simply leave a comment.


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