How to Generate Reddit Link Karma – Reddit Traffic Tips

In the past few years Reddit has grown into a content monster with billions of page views per month. It is known as the front page of the internet because every news out there flies into Reddit instantly. But there is a problem with it. A lot of marketers are trying to crack Reddit but it’s simply too strong. The anti spam algorithm is too strong and if you are trying to out spam it you will only receive a ghosted account. So how can you grab some of this delicious Reddit cake?I will teach you today to get some Reddit Link Karma without a problem.

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First of all yes its possible to drive traffic from it, but in order to do that you must play your cards right and that is hard guys. There have been thousands of examples where people would receive so much traffic from it that their sites will fall and their server will crash.

Reddit has a karma system that prevents spammers and almost anyone that is trying to self promote their business. I never understood why people can’t insert their own crated content easily but on the other site a lot of big brands and celebrities are being promoted like hell. That is the downside of Reddit , you must find a hole and fill it right.

As i said the system is running on karma and its split in two ways. When you are submitting a post on reddit you can either go with a text post or a link post. As you know Reddit works on up vote and down vote.

How to Get that Reddit Link Karma?

So let me bind everything for you, adding a link and getting up votes on your post will add link karma to your account, but if you get a down vote you will lose it and same goes with text post but you will receive text karma instead of link karma. Why is karma important, because when you have more karma you don’t just bring more authority you will have a bigger rank which would mean more reach and traffic for your post to get better rankings.

As a beginning account you have 1 karma each and it’s really hard to get good karma but there is a trick and I will help you to implement it so you can take care of one with Reddit and move to another one. Commenting also increases text karma and you can use it if you plan to promote using text.

Here is my Reddit karma:

My Reddit Link Karma

Reddit loves images and good pictures, each a lot of the Reddit posts are submitted via imgru which means that you will be submitting a link post using that image hosting website. Now what you need to do is find a good image and then find the perfect sub-reddit for it. Upload it on the website and submit it so people will up vote it. You will receive thousands of karma so you can start to get traffic from Reddit and they will be happy. I know this might not be a breakthrough but there are people that still don’t know this. Knowing this method will boost your Reddit Link Karma without a problem.

So i hope this will help you a lot for your online business so you can increase your traffic plus get more Reddit Link Karma. Check out my blog for more posts.

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P.S. You can use you tube or gif sites as well, even Wikipedia.

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