How to Make Money with URL Shortening

Today’s topic is how to make money with URL shortening sites. This is pretty simple and easy.

How to Make Money with URL Shortening?

By now I have written a couple of ways to make money online that don’t include online marketing or freelancing.

If you missed them and you are interested I would suggest for you to go here and read them:

So for today’s topic is how to make money with URL shortening. This is possible and pretty easy, to be honest the revenue is not that big but it can sometimes be great with the right method used.

So how does it all work? There are many sites that offer URL shortening, but there are some other sites that offer URL shortening and displaying ads to each visitor and the revenue is shared. That is how to make money with URL shortening.

Everyone of us have experienced an URL shortening site and once in a while we have been redirected to an advertisement for example adfly, this will be my example.

So how does the whole process works? If a person A offers something useful and gives it to free, he will grab his URL and shorten it with adfly, here is the image of how the URL shortening process works:


Once you enter your URL, adfly will give you a shorter URL with your link that you can share.

Here is the shorten URL for this blog:

If I were to send people to my blog, they will go through a 5 second ad that will earn me money if they view the ad and then they can continue to the URL. Here is an example image of how it works:

Example of URL shortening

For each visitor you redirect on this ad and then on your offer you earn money.

To be correct the money is different for each county and it’s not always the same. People are making good earnings using adfly or URL shortening methods.

Can you do this?

It’s pretty simple and easy as you see, everyone can do this. You only need to register a free account with the network and you are all set.

You can manage and see your links and earnings when you login into your account.

As for generating the people into your ad URL it can get tricky sometimes. Social media is great, for example try out a scandalous post or something for free, for example recipes or e-book.

Once you mange your funnel it can get automated. The income is not that big but if you play it right it can be good.

I hope this post will give you great view of how to make money with URL shortening and have success with it.

If you are interested in a good income method I would suggest you this online course it’s perfect. Try it out, click here.

Keep in mind that there are other sites not just adfly and they are all legit and safe to earn money with. I will display them in my next post so you can learn more about this, some of them offer up to 6$ per 1000 people, amazing right?

I hope you enjoyed this and have an amazing and great day.

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