How to Monetize Your Blog

How to Monetize Your Blog (Make Money)

Start to monetize your blog today and make money online from it. There are a lot of ways to do this, I can suggest 50 or more ways that you can start earning money from your blog, but that is not the point, I will explain the main categories with the most potential.

Make Money Blogging

How to Monetize your blog?


This is a great way to Monetize your blog because it is really simple, keep in mind that there are many ways to monetize with advertisement. This is pretty simple way of starting an income with your blog, there are two ways that you can earn money with advertising.

Sell the service your own, for example if you have a good amount of traffic on your blog you can rent banner spaces or other features which people can buy or rent so they can put their own advertisement there. That is a good way to earn money from it.

The second option is to connect with a service that will put random advertisement on your advertisement spots and you will earn revenue from it. There are a lot of services that you can connect with to sell advertisement space, I will make a unique post about them.

I want to tell you that the best way to monetize a blog like this is if you have a good visitors and the blog should be for example news, gossip or something related. The reason I’m saying this is because if you have a blog that is in a great niche where you can promote great products or services you can use it for your own advantage (will explain further bellow)

There are many types of advertisement on your blog:

  • PPC (pay per click)
  • CPM (cost per mile)
  • Text ads
  • Popups
  • Audio ads
  • Video ads
  • GIFS
  • etc.

There are a lot of advertisement methods that each service offers a unique way to sell ad space.

Why Blog.

2.Affiliate marketing

The second one is affiliate marketing, this is promoting someone else product or service and earning commission from it. You can Monetize your blog with affiliate marketing. There are thousands of products that are related to your blog and you can promote them on it.

That is why I said that you can use to your advantage, here is a quick example how you can use affiliate marketing. If you sell space for your ad on a health niche.

A service will offer you $1 for a simple banner click for example (more or less). You will earn 20 clicks $20. That is not bad right? If you had an affiliate offer, and you can use it on a post that way it will drive a lot more traffic or use it on a banner and get 20 clicks also. Imagine the difference if that offer converts on 20 people for $40. You are losing $20 each 20 clicks. That is why I want you to test out what is more worth it.

That is how good affiliate marketing goes, for the services here are a few that can help you get started:

This are free services and will help you find a lot of good offers to promote.

Ways of promotion on affiliate marketing are:

  • Banner
  • Text
  • Review
  • Video Review
  • Testimonial
  • etc.

3. Creating your own product or service

The best way to Monetize your blog, it is harder but this way you can earn good revenue. Hard work pays at the end. This is a more unique way to Monetize your blog but it is worth it, this way you are building your own customer base and brand that can profit in the long run.

When it comes to creating a product or service it must be related to it for the most exposure. You can make a service for example for marketers, that way you will have a monthly billing and if you find 10 people for start to pay you $100 for the service and add 5 or more each month, that is a good passive income.

You can use the same promotional offers as affiliate marketing, as for creating your product there are few ways you can do this:

  • E-book
  • Hardbook
  • Service
  • Software
  • Membership
  • Tutorial
  • Coaching
  • Forum
  • etc.
  • Blog

Do research or find unique ways to Monetize your blog, I will do research in the near future and explain each way how it works and how to profit from it. This was my post about Monetize your blog.


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