How to Setup Your WordPress Site

How to Setup Your WordPress Site

Today I want to show you how to setup your first WordPress site, I mentioned how to start an online blog and profit from it. In today’s post I want to show you how to setup your WordPress Site or blog.

Why WordPress?

When it comes to building your site WordPress is the best. You can have a site setup in only a few minutes, that is what I will show you today, how to setup your WordPress site in only minutes.

What does WordPress offer:

  • Instant Site Connection
  • Free Themes
  • Free Designs
  • Free Plugins
  • Easy Post and Page Navigation
  • etc.

I can be talking about what WordPress offers all day, but it would be better for me to show you. If someone is interested in learning more about WordPress visit here.

Most of today’s blogs and websites are on WordPress because of the easy navigation and no coding skills requirements. You don’t need to have any coding skills to make this awesome site. Lets start.

How to Setup Your WordPress Site in 5 minutes

First of all you need a web hosting provider, I have mentioned which are the best providers and the ones I use, you can visit the post about web hosting here. I use Host Gator at this moment and I will show you how to setup your WordPress site with HostGator, but remember it is very similar with Bluehost also.

For getting HostGator web hosting you canĀ  get it for only $3.99 and setup your site today.

Click Here to Start with HostGator

If you are interested in BlueHost Click Here.

Once you purchase your membership, you might get a free domain or you should purchase one depending on the package you chose. Once you did that we are all settled.

You will receive your billing information and login information on your email so save that email because it is important.


Use the information and URL’s given to you to login into the Control Panel. Don’t share those information, they are important.

Once you are inside you can take a look and see all of their options or you can simply visit the Get Started With WordPress Today Icon. Here is an image of how it should look.

HostGator Control Panel

2. Install WordPress

You would need to install WordPress now and pick the domain you would like to install WordPress on, they will also ask you for a password and a Username so pick them carefully. Here is how the installation should look like.

Instasll WordPress

3. Setup The Deign

Great now you have a site, everything is working fine, now we must choose a design (theme), and mange our site. There are a lot of free themes that you can pick from, everything you need to know about WordPress can be found here:


You can find the design for the site at Appearance, and all of the other features, simply look around and you will know how to navigate WordPress without a problem.

This post was How to Setup Your WordPress SiteĀ  and if you are interested in earning money online take a look at my blog, you will find amazing ideas.


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