How Do You SEO?

The million dollar question, how the fuck do you SEO? How do you actually go out there and rank yo page? It’s simple, you devote your life to almighty Google and pray everyday to your totem of the Google logo, and then maybe you can get past the Facebook pages that are out ranking you. Seriously SEO is considered one of the hardest things to master because it takes a lot of time and effort.


Don’t give up! I know our POJ readers are not losers and will not quit!

I’m serious now, I’m going to make SEO simple for you by laying it all out. My plan is to make an article series devoted to SEO that will help you understand the craziness that is the Googles ranking algorithm. Let’s start from the very beginnings!

Baby Google

Imagine that your job is to make a search engine, and the first thing you have to do is make some sort of an algorithm that will organize sites in different positions depending on your ranking factors.

You would want to rank the sites for the keywords their content is related to, this makes perfect sense because you wouldn’t want a porn site to rank for the keyword “roofing companies”. This is where on-site SEO comes into play.

On-Page SEO

I will be devoting a whole article to on-site SEO because it’s not as simple as naming your site “Spongebob” and ranking first for it (although on baby google you could probably do it), but I want you to know that what keywords (words you are trying to rank for) you are using on your content is what you are probably going to end up ranking for.

Off-Page SEO

Just because your content is the shit and you are proud of it does not mean you will rank for it. This is where Google looks for ways to see if your website is worthy to rank. Welcome to the world of backlink building.

In order for Google to know that your site is the shit it would need someone to recommend it, and that is done through a backlink. Let’s say your site is in the online marketing niche, and a authoritative .edu site about online education actually links to you then in Googles eyes that .edu site is recommending you to rank for the keywords your trying to rank. At the start when baby google was first learning to walk you could spam the fuck out of your site with SEONuke (backlink building software) and you could rank because you had a million backlinks pointing to your site in one day. Today you would just get a penalty if you try that because you are spamming your site with shitty links that have 0 authority, but keep in mind that this still works in some foreign niches. I will talk about this in future articles.


To keep it simple we will leave it at that. On and Off page SEO. The two major contributors to your SEO success. Be on the lookout for future SEO articles on this website because I’m planning on taking you on the full SEO ride!

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