Instagram Guide – How I made $6500 From Instagram in 3 Months

Hello guys how are you? This is my first post since our vacation and we wanted to edge things a little bit. We wanted to give more value to our readers and visitors. It’s time to change the game and help people.

Does it work?

This post is really interesting because it’s a quick case guide to help a lot of people that are struggling to make money. I have made money using this method and so have a lot of people. It’s still working and if you are reading this in the future and this method is offline just think. Find something creative and it will always work if you use your mind into it. So don’t worry there are many ways to generate a revenue and this is for a quick and easy fix.

It has made me some ok money over the last 3 months and I will continue to do it when I have free time on my hands. For people that are still in transition and hard to get to the right path this is for you. It will get you some quick money into your pocket and give you motivation to grab your goal by the balls and show it who is boss.

Stick Together and Help Each other!

We must act and help each other because in the online world if you are alone it’s really hard and lonely. You have me and my friends to set you on the right path and also find a partner and get creative. Work in teams or groups and you will get there trust me. Follow other peoples advice because they have been in your shoes.

My main income sources are E-Commerce store and my 10 sites monetized with advertisement. This blog isn’t part of my income source because it generates very little money but I plan to grow it. Over the last year that I wrote each post even though I didn’t make a single cent. I stayed and wanted to help people who were stuck in the big marketing ocean just like I was.

How Does it Work?

First of all Instagram is a place where big brands have a huge edge. Lately it has become a lot more serious and more hard to get ranked. By a statistic I read it has dropped reach rate around 60% and that means a lot of posts are not shown. The same goes with Facebook. But that is not the reason to panic because we can still get some piece of Instagram before they make it 100%.

We are going to work with content locking.

What is Content Locking?

It’s a site where you lock your content that you want to give to people and in order for the people to unlock it and get it they must do something for you. Mostly it requires a like or a share but this content locking can earn some good bucks. Let me show you.

I have a free e-book, which I do and you can get it if you subscribe for free without any content locking. I want to give that e-book to people in order to do that I want something in return. Let’s not be an e-book let it be a workout video.

In order for the people to get the video they must complete a survey which will take them a minute or two and give me money from the survey. How does it work? They complete the offer and I get paid in return they get the e-book/video. I gave them something and they gave me something as well.

You get paid by a different offer because when they go to take the offer there are more options for them and depending on the offer you get a different amount of money into your account. Here is how mines look:


As you can see they completed various offer and on a different country as well and I got paid some money for it. It all depends on the offer and the traffic you are sending.

As you can see I generated around 10 bucks from this offers  and scrolling down I have a lot more but you get my point right.

This Guide is for Instagram But Can be used Everywhere

This kind of money making can also be done on other social media sites as well using some good tactics and a good system. I hope you understand my point and what I’m trying to show you here.

It’s all safe and you are not scamming anyone, everything is legal and for your value you just get something in return. Easy money for something you love.

What Kind of Offers?

Well it all depends. Let me just tell you there are ready templates for content locking but there are also unique custom templates that can be done by everyone. Meaning you can lock anything you like. Maybe it’s a free game or an app, lock it if you want something in return guys.

There are many offers available, some are ready and others you can create. For example I tried the iPhone niche and it was very saturated but there are many up and coming apps that you can try and see, also test out.

Clash of clans or you can even lock movies. It all depends on you research. As you can see the offers above is what I promoted, but don’t be so tight. Use your head and find a good offer. Now I will explain how to make the setup and network in order to make some money.

Choosing the Network

There are many networks for content locking, link locking, etc. I would recommend two which are safe and available to use. One is my network called Adworkmedia, join it here:

There is also another one with already ready templates called CPA lead, join it here:

I would recommend adworkmedia for the various offers you can choose from. But if you are lazy you can try the other one as well.

I will show you now how to create the locker.

How to Lock the Content

Ok this is really important and you need to spend some time here. First of all you need to create a content locker. That is when a person clicks the link and want’s to get the price you must make him take a survey or lock his content.

Go to adworkmedia and inside Tools option you can find various lockers. Go to content locking and go create a new content locker. It should look like this:

Content Locking

Before you do this take a look at the offers. Search for a niche and find the perfect offer, by the end of the guide you will know what I’m talking about.

After you add the required fields now you need to finis and put the code inside your landing page. So you have to create a landing page.

You can create free landing pages here.

After you finish the page you add the code in various forms and voila you have the content locker ready. So here is how it works. I go to your page to get a gift card from Amazon. In order to get it I must complete a survey. First I complete the survey and generate you money from the content locker and after that I grab the offer and generate you money again. Boom easy.

You see my point and how simple something can be? It can make you a lot of money with the right promotion.Now comes the part where I show you how to promote and select a niche for Instagram. This is my journey on how I made money using Instagram.

Choosing the Niche

What is the perfect offer for this? Everything, depending on which niche you wanna select or if you wanna go to the already completed niches like iPhone for example. It has many offers or giftcards that can make you money as well as the locker. Or you can add some of your content. Either way it works.

I will take iPhone as an example. I make the offer for an iPhone and want to promote it. I add the landing and the content locker and the offer. Everything is ready and I need to launch it now.

Full System

First of all I create an Instagram account for free. Using my mobile. I gather 50/60 images that have iPhone or already existing ones that have iPhone giveaway on them. I gram my images and now I wanna update my profile. I add a profile image, description, my landing page and my info. That is ready and now this is the key.

The promotional method is the hashtag, it’s really hard to find the perfect hashtags and you have a limit of max 30 hashtags. Now let’s see how it works. I make a research and find some hashtags about iphone:

#iphone, #iphone5s, #iphone6, etc. I add them into my image as a description and say Grab a Brand New iPhone Today, Join the Giveaway at our bio link and bam. They come to your landing and you got them into your web, you are making money. That is simple.

Finishing it.

Be creative, don’t go with one profile and post only once. You can post with 3-4 profiles if you wanted to. It’s all about how much are you willing to put into it and work your butt off. I hope this guide helped you and for a finale here are some good niches:

  • iPhone
  • Makeup
  • Health
  • Samsung
  • Clash of Clans
  • Free Movies
  • Giveaways on Items
  • etc.

Hope you make some quick bucks with this system and I will write a bigger post explaining how to automate all of this without a problem.

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