How to Make Money with Google Review

Make Money with Google Review

Today’s post is Make Money with Google Review and it will be my walkthrough to show you the pros and cons that this online course offers and if it’s worth the little investment to join it.

First of all before you this is a protected site via the ClickBank agreement which means that the payments and the refund option is protected by ClickBanks so your money or your investment are safe after purchasing the course.

Entering the Website

This post is an honest Make Money with Google Review so I won’t be too harsh on things or too soft on others, I will judge from my experience and my knowledge is this site worth it or no.

The First Image

Ok so this is the from page or the home page of the website, as you can see the woman on the screen is called Jane. We don’t know anything else about her and the site is old as well which means it’s not updated in a long time.

We don’t know if that is Jane in the picture or not.

As you read the heading it says that you can create $25 000 in the maximum from Google. This is little over the top to be honest because the number is way too big but it’s possible, I can’t say that you will make that kind of money tomorrow when you access the course but it takes time and a really solid idea to reach that kind of number.

Earning Proof

On the website there are a lot of images displaying some amazing earnings by someone “using” this program that generate over thousands of dollars. Here is the image:

Money Proof

As you see on the image that is some serious money, once again I will say it this is possible yes but it’s not that easy and simple.

Inside the website they mention a “secret” that will earn you this money, let me tell you there is no secret about this. It’s rater pretty simple and the techniques are those, they will teach you how to rank on Google and get traffic so you can sale and earn a potential income.

The Testimonials

This is what made me upset.. the freaking testimonials. Look at them:


I mean this is pretty absurd right? Look at the people do they even look real? I didn’t want to say anything about the “income” proof but those are images I have found on Google and I have no words more to say for the people here.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing to comment about them but they don’t look like average people.

My Opinion about Make Money with Google Review

I personally think that this online course has little potential to give you some knowledge and teach you some basic things how to sell and how to monetize and create a website.

Yes, it has something to offer to you and give you a start, but here is the thing it won’t make you that much money period.

If this method earned so much money nobody would be working anything else ever, right?

It is save to purchase and access it yes so you can take a look what’s inside and if you dislike it simply return your money and you are good to go.

I would recommend to use my link so there are no misleading links so you know it’s safe.

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