Make Money Writing With Hub Pages

Make Money Writing With Hub Pages

Simple Guide to Learn How to Make Money Writing With Hub Pages.

Hub Pages is a good legit website and if you know how to write this would be a perfect website for you. It is a website where you can discover new ways, communicate with people and write your own words and be heard. It is one of the best websites in the world when it comes to making money. Why is it so special?

When it comes to writing a lot of people have passion for it, but for some it is a big dislike. This website offers you a good income if you have a passion for writing.


How to Start?

You can join Hub Pages Here, first of all you complete your sign up. When they ask you for a user name you will also enter a Hub Pages URL address, this will be your own address. It will be displayed like this, this will be sort of a blog for you.

Once you complete your account, you will start your own hubs. The hub is simple article, that is right you will have to write an unique article and that article must pass through some terms in order to be accepted. That is why I told you that you must have a passion for writing and then you can earn some money. If you have a passion then it will be no work for you, you will love doing this. They will ask you first to pass “boot camp” and submit 5 articles before you make any good money. Take a look around and study it for a whole week you will be amazed in how much of opportunities you can find there.

Your First Hub.

Lets write our first hub. First of all we must write about something unique, they won’t let you copy words from another websites, you need to write your own unique content in order to get accepted. If we write as an example about fitness, we write a good article about fitness. We categorize it in the fitness category and we make it unique, easy to read and helpful. How will people read our article?

The good thing about Hub Pages it that there is a good amount of visitors on that site. A lot of people passionate about reading about the fitness industry will read your hub and might follow you for further hubs.  The other good thing is that Hub Pages is a powerful website and can help you rank easier on Google, because of the good rating it has and it has powerful page rank. The thing you need to do here is add backlinks to your hub URL, but that is more advanced and you will find out what a backlink is as we go further. You submit your article and Google might catch it and you can receive people from Google that way you will have more people reading your hub. Other good ways to generate people for your article is by sharing it on social media sites, it will get more exposure and more people.

How do you Make Money with Hub Pages?

There are 4 ways you can generate money with Hub Pages. They are all legit and they can make you tons of money if you know what you are doing. That is why we must keep studying and learning about new ways. The ways to generate money Make Money Writing With Hub Pages :

  1. AdSense, this is a powerful Google earning network that a lot of websites use. They will put advertising on your website and you will get paid per click for that advertising. The earnings you will have with Hub Pages is %60 and that is a good amount and can bring you good money.
  2. Amazon Associates, this is a powerful amazon affiliate program. You can connect your amazon account and promote or write reviews about some products you love or simply want to sell for profit. You can earn money with that also if you refer people to buy an item from amazon.
  3. Ebay Associates this is the same as amazon, it is only for Ebay another powerful site you can earn good money with.
  4. You can promote your own items or products of your choice. But if they are spam or something bad they wont get accepted. Keep in mind that this is a legit and very strict website.

Those are the ways you can make money writing with Hub Pages and they are easy to do if you have a passion about some subject or about writing. This is almost the same as blogging, only at this way you earn and share it with them and they offer you a better rank and a better traffic for beginners. That is a good way you can make money with hub pages and if you are interested for more follow my blog.

To Make Money Writing With Hub Pages

Join them today and make money writing with hub pages it is easy and it requires little of your time and the changes it can make in your life are very big.

If you are interested about starting a new blog I would recommend to read my post about starting a blog for beginners

This is the best way to Make Money Writing With Hub Pages I hope you like it.