How to Make Money on Youtube

4 Ways How to Make Money on Youtube

How to Make Money on Youtube:

In today’s guide, How to Make Money on Youtube a simple and short post to show you how you can start an online income from home using You Tube. It is beginner friendly and a lot of people are already doing this kind of work. To be honest there are thousands of millionares that are creating a huge income with videos and that is what makes it the best.

Most of today’s gamers are generating a decent income with You Tube. There are a lot of videos out there, but there is a huge difference, if you want to generate a good income you should do something original and offer amazing content or at least be better than the others.

As I said this post is to teach you How to Make Money on Youtube and I will explain to you the possible ways you can do this. I won’t teach you what kind of videos for you to create because I have a different article about choosing your niche. This post is to guide you on the more ways you can monetize your videos and increase your earnings if you have already an YT channel.

“How to Make Money on Youtube” – How to Monetize Your Videos

Monetize Your Videos with Ads

I honestly have only generated a couple of hundreds of dollars with this type of monetization but it’s the best trust me. You can connect with many networks as a publisher so they will display advertisement on your videos but I recommend AdSense to be your number one. You can connect your channel with Adsense Very easily and it’s free.

So you accept their terms and let them display many types of advertisement and you get revenue in return. I honestly don’t know the percent that you will receive, I thin it’s somewhere around 70% from the advertisement. I did research and found out in most cases that the average earnings for 1000 views is around $1.5 which is amazing. Take a look at the videos with millions of views, $1500 from one video.

I cannot talk more about this, because I haven’t generate a lot of money with YT and adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t know what an affiliate marketing is, I suggest you read some of my older posts. I can say that I’m an expert in this field, to be honest I have generate thousands of dollars using affiliate marketing and You Tube and still continue to do so. The whole process is simple.

You create a review for example of a product and put an affiliate link bellow, if the person is interested he will purchase and you will generate some solid money. This works yes, but it’s getting hard by the year so move fast.

Here is a good affiliate marketing program for you to join

You can create reviews of something you own and recommend it to others, items, games, etc. You get my point?


Big brands are simply killing it with You Tube as well as social media. I follow their campaigns and let’s say that advertisement will do the trick for smaller businesses, but for the worldwide big brands one video with a good review for example or whatnot will be displayed to millions of eyes and imagine what it can do.

The channels will get paid solid money to do this and you both have won.


This is a different field for me, but I wanted to recommend it because it offers some good income for a lot of people. Inside your channel if you have an older one with some followers you can recommend people to other channels and they will pay you for that. So it’s a good simple way to earn good money but it’s also rare.

What you can do is also swap viewers so you can grow your channels. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

That is it for today’s post about How to Make Money on Youtube I hope you liked this post and check out others bellow.

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