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What Makes a “Good” Affiliate Good?

What is a “Good” Affiliate?

Have you ever wondered how people are making millions with affiliate marketing? Did you ever asked yourself what it takes to become that kind of an affiliate?

Well I cannot give you one answer because there are thousands of possible ways to achieve that kind of income and it’s true.

First of all don’t forget the #1 priority which is working hard and planning. After that what kind of an affiliate you will choose to be depends on your ambitions.

If I were to say for myself what kind of an affiliate I would buy the most from is the one which gives value. That affiliate who will share a second of his time to truly help me out, even if he doesn’t generate the sale.

Each time I stumble upon affiliates like that. People who are true to the cause and the main part of affiliate marketing, which is giving the most value and helping the people in need. You are the superhero here and you have the key to the question he has. You are the answer.

He has a problem so give him the perfect solution so that problem can be fixed.

I know a lot of people, even myself when I started. I was so focused on generating the sale that I didn’t even care what I sold and if the product I was selling would help that person. But I can say that I have changed and it’s for the better now.

So I wanted to make this post strong and short. Give your hearth out there and people will reward you as well.

But before we finish I would like to share a few examples. Take a look at Pat Flynn, he gives so much value to the people and in return they purchase form him. He makes thousands per month and is doing that by helping and changing the world.

Are You a Good Affiliate?

If you aren’t a good affiliate try to be. This is from my experience it helps to help people. There is a circle of helping people, doing good deeds you will only get good back in return.

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