How to Start with Online Marketing

How to Start with Online Marketing

Basic Ways to Start With Online Marketing.

I will teach you how online marketing works but this will be a blueprint for beginners that you can use to fully implement it in your business.

By now I have mentioned quite a few ways that you can generate a good income with online marketing but I didn’t fully explain it how to start with it and how it all works. First of all online marketing is a big field and it is not a simple way of generating money so that is why the question about how to start with online marketing is not so simple to answer.

As I said it is not a small field and it will take days to fully explain it and how it works, so that is why I will give you only the basic requirements and the most important parts so you can have a starting position. Remember if you want to start with online marketing it won’t be so simple so it will require for you to learn the proper knowledge, then test it out because what works for someone might not work for you and that will require for you to spend time, energy and even money.

I will divide it now. There are many fields in online marketing, even I’m not so familiar with some, I will give you the basic ways for you to generate an income, because If I share everything it won’t be so beneficial as it is said it takes step by step.

Online marketing is also known as digital marketing and if you want to learn it on more advanced level click here.

Lets start with affiliate marketing the most basic one.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most basic one, why? Because you can start with affiliate marketing right away. So how does all work and how you can use it to make money online. When it comes to affiliate marketing what you are doing is promoting product or services for other people and you get a commission or percentage in return for your promotion. How does this work?

Affiliate Marketing

How do you find which network to join for affiliate marketing. You can promote direct products like Clothing, Accessories and Other items and good networks for you to join is Amazon Affiliate Network and there are also other networks like this for example Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. There is also promoting digital services for example you can promote some kind of product, service, online course, etc. and a good service that has all of that is called ClickBank affiliate network this is free and you can join right away.

Once you join this affiliate networks you can view their marketplaces, inside you will see the services they offer selected by category, you can pick something you have interest in and you enjoy doing and start promoting it, there are many ways of promotion and you will see as we go with the tutorial.

This is the basic of affiliate marketing you promote for someone else and earn commission for every successful action or sale and this can generate you a good income. But as I said it is not easy.

2. Your Own Product or Service

This is more advanced but more beneficial way of earning an online income, it is not that simple and it would require for you to spend a lot of time making the product or service and once you finish it you can start promoting it yourself so you earn the full commission yourself or start an affiliate service.

This is more hard and it is not so easily doable. That is why affiliate marketing offers you already made products and services that you can join right away.

This is for more advanced online marketers and it should be dealt more seriously.

3. Email Marketing

I have mentioned email marketing before and how to implement it in your business, you can see it here. Now I want to teach you how to use email marketing in online marketing, it is not so simple but it can bring a lot of profit, this is a different level of email marketing from the one I mentioned before but they are both beneficial if you know how to use.

Email Marketing

In the post I linked you can find which service to join with email marketing, now this has two sites you can become the seller or the buyer.

First lets start with you as the buyer. How it all works. There are services out there or people that can offer you ways of promotion such as email marketing for your product, service, business or other ways you are trying to promote and what will they do is send your offer to their list or subscribers and if they find it interesting you will earn profit, this is not so simple and it can be known as solo ads, there are many solo ad providers that can sell you good traffic or visitors to your offer with email marketing, there are also other ways of promoting with email marketing for example trading with someone, but remember never give your list away because it is not legal.

You can also become the seller and sell services like this and they pay good money in return, it is true you can also promote for yourself instead of selling but it works both ways, what you can do is get people to buy your service so they can promote their products and you both earn profit from that.

What kind of technique you implement depends on your but remember it is not a good way to spam your subscribers and watch out there are many false email marketing providers that can waste your time and money.

4. Display Marketing

One of the best ways of promoting as an online marketing, it works the same you can either sell or buy services like this, when it comes to display marketing it is advertising, you might be purchasing ads for example there are text, image, video, popups and many more ways of advertisement to your product or service and those targeted people might make you a sale or commission.

Display Marketing

You can also sell advertisement if you own some sort of blog or site that has a lot of people in it, there are many ways you can do with this, as I said if I start talking about it will take a lot of time so lets keep it short and simple.

If you want to learn more about paid advertisement click here. This was the basic of display marketing if you want to learn more advanced level wait for my posts or visit Wikipedia.

I can talk about many other ways of marketing, but I want to make and investigate about them step by step for maximum results, for example you can see also:

5. Search Engine Marketing

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6. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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7. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing
Referral Marketing

8. Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

9. etc.

Keep in mind that with the proper knowledge you can start making a lot of money online, I hope this post helped you to understand about online marketing and how to start earning money with it. If you want to learn more about me my name is Baze and you can view me in the about me page.

This is the basic for online marketing and the proper techniques to implement online marketing for generating a good income from home. It is not so simple when it comes to online marketing but everyone was once a beginner right?


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