Pick the Perfect Domain Name

Pick the Perfect Domain Name – Creating a WordPress Site -Part 1

Hello to my first bigger set of blog posts where I will teach you how about how to Pick the Perfect Domain Name. Welcome I hope you enjoy this post.

Pick the Perfect Domain Name

If you are interested in starting a blog or a website in order to make money than this would be a great place to start.

Let me just suggest that it’s not as simple as you think and it requires hard work in order to maintain it and start earning a revenue with it.

I will teach here how people can start and create their own website step by step. I hope you like it.

Picking the domain

There are many networks out there when it comes to picking your domain name. You can purchase it for a couple of dollars as a beginner using a coupon.

So if you ask me the best network to start when it comes to picking the domain name is GoDaddy. Great network that will offer quality and security for your domain.

Search for coupons that will give you a chance to purchase a yearly domain name for only $0.99 and you will own it for a whole year. This will be your main name for your site, this will be your brand name.

In order to get the domain name you have to create an account with them.

Once you sing up you should enter and search for your domain. There are a couple of things to look when it comes to searching for a domain. Here is where you should search for it:

Go Daddy domain name

Here is what to look for in a domain:

  • Don’t go too long
  • Make it easy to remember
  • Pick the most related for example .com .net .org

This should be the most simple to look for. Now a lot of domains are purchased so it can be hard to get an easy domain sometimes, things can get complicated.

Go Daddy example

You can also purchase the domain from the holder if it’s taken and it’s for sale. But then the price tends to get higher than the ordinary and that is another way to make money trading domain names.

Search for amazing coupons online that way you will decrease the domain name cost, choose from the many packages that they offer which you can.

What to aim for when you are purchasing a domain name. First of all you should do research.

Proper research using tools for finding the perfect domain. For example use ahrefs and search for a domain that might has some backlinks on it and has a great domain health with page authority and domain authority.

Find a domain that might has already been worked on. Also it’s important to search for a related domain name which is really logical. Once you do the proper research you have a healthy and working domain name which you should use to create you site and start earning with it.

You will see in the steps to come how to install everything step by step and follow the whole process. Keep in mind that this is simple and can be done by everyone. So if you are interested in more information visit my blog.

This was my post about Pick the Perfect Domain Name and branding yourself.

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