Pinterest Marketing: How to Get Pinterest Traffic and Followers

This is a quick but I might say powerful video on one of the best source of traffic using images. This is a massive traffic monster if used right. A single post made me around $500 in a month using Pinterest and bring me a lot of traffic and followers.

I will teach you how to setup Pinterest for the best use of traffic and even how to generate customers with it. But there is a slight problem because Pinterest traffic is very powerful for some niches but maybe slight weak for others. I will give you the ideas so you can make your traffic for your Pinterest campaign, also how to generate followers as well.

Before we begin if you don’t know what Pinterest is. It’s a massive social media site that includes images as an engagement method. It mostly covers images but other sources of media can be used as well.

Pinterests Story

There is a good story with Pinterest for traffic about affiliate marketing. Many people have used it for traffic but they abused it. People have used the Amazon Affiliate Network with Pinterest back then when it was possible to do this. They generate software’s which pinned thousands of products from Amazon with Images using affiliate links and the 48 hour cookie. They generated over thousands per day with this method and grew in profiles, but since then Pinterest doesn’t allow affiliate links.

It grew as a huge social media site in the past few years containing massive images. There are also a lot of women here following various trends.

Our Angle?

Here is the most important part. Where is our angle at? When I was with that post I was in the health niche. Pinterest is really niche important because of the images, while by experience most of the niches work but not all. For example there are very low images on Medicine, Business Related, News, Software, etc. This is because the images are not as good as the others and the people which are looking for those topics aren’t on Pinterest.

But one of the best niches are girl stuff, for example makeup, clothing, healthy lifestyle, motivation or you can try cars, etc. There are thousands of good niches like this. If you are in one of these niches you can use this tool to build a lot of good followers which will read your blog or be interested in your products. If you are ready for this let’s continue.

Creating an Account

An account is free and can be created very easy. We will show it to you in our video series.

Adding the information into your account is also key for a good profile.

Creating the Boards

Boards are what Pinterest is all about, it’s like a box full of related content to that board. For example you can create various boards, I think it was around 200 and they can all be different. For example I’m creating a board about Weight Loss but I also create a board about Cooking or Chocolate. This is a very powerful tool if you have a blog.

There was a case-guide I once read it was about a hairdresser. She managed to generated thousand of traffic on her blog using Pinterest daily with boards and hair related topics. It was an amazing source for her and it generated money, but before we continue it takes a lot of work keep in mind. This is not a simple thing and the most important is the product/content in order for the people to engage. If you have bad content nothing will engage with you because the content is simply bad and not the traffic source.

So create boards as you grow but keep in mind to pin inside images containing the helpful URL. You can also repin from others and they will repin back to you. This is an amazing tool because a big site Pinned my image and I made $500 from them so it’s amazing what can happen if you pin other peoples content they will pin yours as well. It’s a helpful growth for both of you.

Make sure that the boards are keywords related for them to rank in the search results for far better reach. If you have good content inside the board you will rank on keywords with the Pinterest algorithm making sure you have many followers and traffic. You can also create many boards but make sure to manage them, don’t forget that it’s important.

After the boards we can exploit other options but one of the most important part of Pinterest is the quality of the content which you provide and the consistency of your images-posting.

Better Reach

This is currently for getting a far better reach, let’s start with the basic thing. In creating the board or the post make sure you implement the right keyword. In the end Pinterest is still a search engine as well with an patter and we can easily rank inside that search engine. Keywords are important and you know that, so our angle would be using them depending on our post. But this strategy will be on more broad keywords because the weaker ones aren’t search that much, this isn’t Google 🙂

After we have aimed for the keywords our next move is creating a good description, the description can be at maximum 500. So make sure not to go too long but not to short. The second thing is the HASHTAG, this is a key. Well for my post it was, people managed to find my posts using hashtags.

I was implementing the hashtags into my posts and they tend to rank them far better. So make sure you use some hashtags as well.

Getting the Followers?

Well if you are good enough you will get the followers, but don’t forget that there are also other ways of getting traffic as well. Let’s start with the most basic here the follow for follow option. This option is mentioned by all and there is a reason for this. Inside Stoner Academy there is a course for an automated follow for follow software and more. It will follow 400 people per day so you don’t have to do it manually. It can also un-follow them as well once they followed you for example and thousands other options.

Once you create the follow you have a new person and you are growing. If you are a good enough affiliate you will convert the followers into customers. The good thing is that you can follow them searching with a keyword. So you are working with lipsticks? No problem you enter the keyword and enter a board or a pin. Inside you can find everyone who has liked the interest of yours and you follow them, if they see you and like your content they follow you back. This way it’s a win – win for everyone. Keep in mind that the software will do this for you so you don’t break a sweat and macro-manage other things.

Once you establish this you can gain massive followers as well, following 400 per day will bring you 100 followers this way you have active people. You can unfollow them as well later.

Also paid ads with pinterest. They still have ads and you can use it to get Pinterest traffic or Pinterest followers. Every platform has ads and you can use them into your advantage, ads work for everything. But this is the most important thing when it comes to ads. “Even if you have the best ads in the world, if your content sucks you won’t have effects” Make this a priority.

Gaining Trust?

Well you can make the visitors into customers with the email marketing course but there are other options as well. They have a message option from which you can use. The software has an automation message system for each new follower or you can do that by hand. With this option you are talking with them. This way you can use them into customers as well, talking with them and other stuff you would like to do.

One Important Thing

Engaging and building your connections. For example liking someones post will get you a like back right? Well that is important and the other thing which is important is the repin option. As I told you before I gained massive following with this option and so can you. I repined a post from a big blog and they managed to repin my post to their board. The good thing is that their board has thousands of followers and reach. My post got massive ranking for a whole month and engagement.

I hope you understand the importance of this because sharing traffic with others will get you traffic as well in return. This traffic will be new and maybe interested in what you have to offer.

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