Quick Tip With The GoogleKeyword Tool

Quick Tip With The GoogleKeyword Tool

We all know that competition is fierce for some keywords and that you will be destroyed if you even attempt ranking. All hope is not lost because you can simply rank for more longtail keywords. What are longtail keywords you may ask?

Longtail keywords are multiple word keywords… Best explanation ever 2016. The serious definition is the following:

CaptureHere Is What You Can Do

Find a new affiliate offer that has volume to it. Also look for an offer that pays per lead because it is a lot easier to collect someones e-mail then to make someone buy something. Once you found the good offer go to the planner and write in the main keyword for the product.

GarciniaDo you see the Avg. monthly searches button? Press that so you go from lowest to highest, and you should get something like this:

dddGarcinia Cambogia is not the best product to demonstrate this, but it still gets the job done.

For most products the competition will be low. Here you will find your long tail keywords. But 10 monthly searches is too low, so what you have to do next is scroll and find keywords that will combine to around 1000 monthly searches.

You will be careful as to analyze the competition first for every keyword. After that is set, all you need to do is optimize your website to rank for these keywords. I will demonstrate on-page optimization on the next post!

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