Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to implement Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing there are many ways you could promote your products and offers, it all depends on the promotional way you use and the visitors you generate to your link. There are many ways you could promote your product for example blogging, paid advertising, video marketing and many more, one of the most crucial ways to promote is social media that is why we are learning about social media marketing strategy.

Why is social media marketing strategy so special? When it comes to promoting your offers on social media they are all free, I’m not talking about advertising, I mean posting on your social media. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is get back on this posts Amazon Affiliate Program and ClickBank Affiliate Program. This are basic affiliate networks, there are many more but this are all free and you can start today promoting with them. For example Amazon works very good on social media.

Now what is social media marketing strategy? Once we generate and choose our product, we can promote it on social media. This will help us receive more visitors and maybe generate revenue using this method. So how do you implement this social media marketing strategy?

First of all you know the social media networks and maybe you use them daily. There is a big mass of people that is using them and all of those people have personal interests. We need to find that selected group of people and promote to them. How can we do that? I will explain for each of the top social media platforms. I won’t explain all of them because there are many but the biggest out there.


Facebook Logo

When it comes to Facebook he is the best. He is the number one social media in the world and there is a lot of people that are using it on daily basis, now the point is that we need to build up a page or a community where they can be all related and interested in the offer you want to promote.

This is not easy and it will require some time to build up, but keep in mind that every social media has a good effect on your business, it will bring visitors from Facebook to your link. How do we build such visitors?

Well there are many ways to build Facebook followers, first of all you must select your niche, you have a category of the product you want to promote, we want now to setup a Facebook fan page, in order to build a Facebook fan page you must be logged in to Facebook and creating a fan page is free.

Choose wisely because when you pick your title your page is going to get indexed in Facebook’s algorithm and people searching your Title might see your page, but this would consider for you to aim for a good keyword that is related. If I had a lose weight offer I would aim for a How to Lose Weight Keyword or something related and it is high in volume.

This is not the main factor but if you start to build a big Facebook page you will start to rank even higher on that keyword at the search topic and get visitors.

The main reason we want to build a good Facebook page is because we want to post related topics inside that can attract visitors to our link or site.

Starbucks Facebook Fanpage

There are many ways you can build a good fan page, you can swap or pay other fan pages that are related to review or suggest your site to their fans, you can also communicate on other posts as comments, you can get known by a website and its promotional factors, you can also buy advertisement on Facebook to build a huge fan page.

All of the factors above will be a big step into building your Facebook Fan Page, this is one social media marketing strategy, you can also include Facebook group, this is a different way of building a social media marketing strategy, you can invite people or they will join and will communicate in that related niche.

When you have a group you can engage with other people and communicate with them for better results. This is the Facebook social media marketing strategy, keep in mind that there are many other ways you can promote on Facebook but this will generate you some good visitors if you implement them right.


Twitter Logo

You all know Twitter, it is a great place to read news and unique facts or content about someone or something, but did you know that you can use Twitter as one of the best tools of promotion when it comes to social media marketing strategy, this is not so simple but it can be done, it will require some time but the setup is good.

First of all as you know by now you should create your own Twitter account, it might be your real name or related name to your niche, they also have an algorithm that you can benefit from if you use a high targeted username.

So why is Twitter one of the best Social Media Marketing Strategy ways to generate visitors to your offer? Well at first you have the hashtags, by now I’m sure you know what hashtags are and how to use them.

So why do they have to do with anything? Well this is the best part, when you use hashtags for example I have an offer about blogging, what I would do is submit posts with hashtags related to my offer, I would use #blogging #howtoblog or something related like that, so what is the benefit from that? People related to those hashtags are going to view your post and they might interact with it, that is why.

There are some tools to view how much each hashtags is searched and which ones to use when you are posting. Here is one example of a very shared post that a lot of people interacted with it:



He didn’t use hashtags but what he did is he build a good group of fans that you can also do if you submit related content to the hashtags and people might like it an follow you for more.

Keep in mind that once you learn the true power of the hashtags you will generate some good income, this is a serious way and it requires proper knowledge, you cannot go out and spam, you need to plan and test before your act.


Pinterest Logo

This is a great social media and it is very populated, you can use it very effectively as a social media marketing strategy, keep in mind that Pinterest is not for all people but for the right business or offers it might bring a fortune.

Not all social media accept affiliate links so keep in mind to find a way how to hide them or simply offer something else before you offer the main course.

When it comes to promoting on Pinterest a lot of people tend to fall, but there are some business that have massive success with it. First of all you know that Pinterest is a picture social media, meaning that the best thing that will get shared and it will become trending it is a good picture related to your offer, you must find pictures or make them yourself and that way you will get good followers, you can always get images from the internet.

Pinterest works the best with business for example clothing or direct items, art and design, making unique infographics and some other business that can be used as beautiful images, it doesn’t convert the same as Twitter but it can also bring some great visitors back to you.

I would recommend Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy. Here is an example of how Pinterest works and what is the best content to promote:

Pinterest Display


Instagram Logo

This is the newest social medias and it grew so fast that it made an instant marketplace, a lot of people are promoting on Instagram and are earning a huge revenue with it.

So how can you implement Instagram as a social media marketing strategy? It is simple, there are many ways you can promote on Instagram, but what I will talk about is the best way, you are going to use hashtags, this is by far the best promotional tool on Instagram and a lot of people are using it.

How can you do this? Its simple put hashtags that are related to your offer the same as with Twitter and you will see more results, this is a great way to promote, but the problem is that you cannot put your link in your posts, that is why you will implement it in your profile and make people visit it and they will start following you.

Building up a good Instagram fan page it can be done fast if you know the proper use of hashtags, so start testing it, create an Instagram account, but it requires to be made from mobile.

Instagram is today’s newest way of social media promotion so a lot of people are seeing good earnings with it. Here is a good example post of how Instagram looks like and how they use it for the maximum results:

Instagram Posts

5. Google+


Google Plus Logo

I personally can’t talk much about G+ because I haven’t used it myself to acquire any kind of promotion with it, I simply share my posts and it builds up.

So how does this work and how can you use it as a social media marketing strategy? Google + has awesome features that can help you build a good business for yourself.

They offer you great ways of sharing that content and also they offer you many other tools that you can communicate with your fans, for example there is Google hangout, and that sometimes can be used as one of the best converting social media promotions.

Keep in mind that if you use Google + you will see good results.

This were my top 5 social media marketing strategy that I use, but I also use social media sites like LinkedIn, Tumblr and many more, you can test and try all of them and one of them will give you some great results, nothing comes easy so we got to work hard for it.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions contact me or leave a comment.

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