Stoner Academy – “Academy for the Lazy”

I would like to introduce to you SA – Stoner Academy. This is a membership site that will teach people how to start an online income following many guides which we display inside. Step by step I’m going to show and preview to you the courses which are inside Stoner Academy and why you cannot miss this opportunity.

About Us

We have worked online and have generated various incomes online from many sources. All of our “methods” are displayed inside the course. They are working and each method will be updated each month. We will try to give the most valuable information and guides to our customers for maximum satisfaction.

About us? We are two young dudes that have massive experience into the field of online marketing, promotion and content creation. We try to give our best and that is the reason for creating this academy.

Why the Name?

We wanted to give a good name to the site because we would like for it to represent something different. Our main goal was to give value and not to give a fast money making method. There are a lot of ways to create an online income and we will represent the one from which you can grow and scale into a reliable income.

Our main goal for the name its because we want to represent the best way to work so you can minimize the effort and execute the action instantly. We want to show you the shortest way possible, which works. That is the reason for the “Academy for the Lazy People”

This membership is not for lazy people but for everyone. Everyone can do this and there is no country limit either.

Methods like paid surveys require for you to be from a specific country while this method can be used by everyone worldwide.

Our Goals?

Our main goal is to give value to our members. We try to nourish them as much as possible and reward them for becoming members. That is our goal, currently inside they can find 4 fully finished courses which they can watch and increase their knowledge.

Also we are going to update a new course or a case guide each month so we would bring more value inside our family.

The focus is to communicate with our members, we invented a forum inside from which they can communicate and also a live Q&A session which we shall held every month to answer some questions and solve out problems.

As a bonus inside there are various tools and an e-book to teach you how to create your first website using WordPress. You will find a lot of information inside and we continue to grow each day. If you are wondering if you should join don’t worry just check it out because there is a refund option as well for you to try and test it, but we guarantee if you put effort it shall WORK.

Want to Start an Online Income?

If you have an interest in starting an online income from the comfort of your own home or you are currently struggling with your business or online work come to Stoner Academy and we will guide you along the road.

Sometimes it’s hard to get a boost into the online work from the competition and too big of a market but we are here to show you exactly how you can make money online.

What Makes us Different?

If you are wondering what makes us different from most of today’s make money fast sites is that we show you exactly how to do it. If they give you a broad view of the “method” we are going to give you a full walkthrough on how to do it EXACTLY and show it to you.

What is your role in this? Just grab an idea and follow our guide, nothing more. Simply get a little creative and get aboard the train. That is what makes us unique from most of the other sites.

If you are wondering, just don’t. Give it a chance and see it for yourself, Join Stoner Academy.

Refund and Support

Quick info about this. We offer a refund option to all of our customers, if they somehow dislike the product we are going to give you a full refund for it so you are protected with a contract after your purchase. Your protection will last until the time has passed and the refund option has expired, until then you can request a refund.

We have a great support so you haven nothing to worry about here, if you have any question, problem or anything else we are here to show you and help you for it.


Well I shall save the courses for later, but inside you can find a lot more as well. Inside our forum you shall find many thins included like many topics or questions each member has he shall find on the forum or ask them.

Also we offer a elite club where you can find many more advanced techniques once you join as a member inside stoner academy.

The Courses?

Well we currently have 4 full video courses where they teach you exactly how to implement the “methods” for it to be fully functional.

Make Your Own Website

In the course we show you how you can make your own website for the cheapest price possible. But we also have an interesting video that shows you the same on Youtube. You can watch that video if you are interested here:

If you are interested in learning more about online marketing, and about how you can make money online, then checkout out our other videos on our channel. Like, Subscribe, and share, do whatever you feel like.

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