Targeted Paid Traffic

Targeted Paid Traffic

Targeted Paid Traffic and how to get the best results.

First of all let me explain to you why this is the best way when it comes to driving traffic to your offer and how you can aim it at your offer or service for a bigger conversion rate and start making instant sales.

Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

To be honest they are both good and with the right method they both convert and work amazing. There are a lot of bad reviews about free traffic and that it sucks but if you know how to use the traffic it can generate massive results.

When it comes to free traffic you can generate it in a lot of ways but I will explain how to start with paid traffic now and how to use it for maximum results.

In order to generate paid traffic you must find out legit and safe networks, there are many networks out there but not all share the same quality.

What will be the most quality networks that offers great paid traffic? Well first lets start with the most authority ones, here is a list of the top notch advertising sites you can join and start promoting your offer.

Targeted Paid Traffic Networks:

  1. Adwords
  2. Bing and Yahoo Ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Twitter
  5. etc.

So here are the most authority sites, if you have in mind you can use others, the list will go on and won’t stop if I start suggesting networks.

The ones that I selected here are the most used and very easy to get accepted with. You can also start right now with them because they don’t require minimum deposit like some other ones, I suggest you stick with pay as you go for the best results and safe advertisement.

So let’s not go off topic here because this is a really broad category to discuss.


Targeted Paid Traffic and how to use it

This is the main focus when it comes to paid traffic, how to use it. Paid traffic is a very dangerous method, it can bring massive effects with the right use but if you don’t know how to plan and handle it you will lose a lot of money.

So paid traffic takes a lot of time and experience to be implemented properly. The main thing when it comes to paid traffic is targeting. When you master this everything else can become very easy.

I personally use paid traffic for my offers and It’s going great. My ROI is 200% which means for every $1 I invest I generate $3, which is really great for me.

How to target the right way?

You already have a niche and a product chosen right or plan to do it in the near future. If you promote a T-shirt and you want to invest in paid traffic to reach your customer. What will you do here? You can add a keyword for example T-shirt but when a person is searching for a shirt he might be looking for a different kind of shirt than you are promoting.

What you want to do here is aim for a keyword that will capture a person that will be interested for your shirt, advertising on a keyword such as “Buy Funny T-Shirt” will be very¬† targeted if you promote a funny T-Shirt, so there goes the whole magic.

Google Adwords

In order to have a successful advertising campaign you must include great:

  • Analytics
  • Proper Math for Investment
  • Keyword Management
  • Paying for the Advertisement
  • Related Product
  • Proper Timing
  • Image
  • Text
  • Value and Support
  • etc.

There are many ways to target but start with the basic ones, the keywords and the text you include in your ad. If you ever doubt about paid advertisement just imagine that there are people paying $40 per a single click on Google Adwords.

So that is the whole process summed up when it comes for Targeted Paid Traffic.

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