Top 15 Survey Sites You Can Join From USA for Free

Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free

Learn the Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free , how to join them and what to expect inside. Do you know that you can join a lot of paid survey sites for free. There are many out there that you can join even today. But not all of them are the same, that is why I have displayed for you the Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free .

These are the highest paying surveys out there, they pay regularly they members, and are the the most successful companies for surveys out there. You will get awesome bonuses for joining them. But remember this survey sites are only for USA Citizens online, you can see other countries here :

UK Free Paid Surveys

Canada Free Paid Surveys

International Free Paid Surveys

Remember they are all free and require no previous experience to start. You will generate some good amount of money completing them if you know the right survey sites which you can find bellow.

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All of them are safe and secure sites with a lot of authority, they can bring a lot of income if you join each and everyone of them.

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Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free

Paid Online Survey Jobs are an awesome way to generate an income, find all about paid surveys. They are all free and you can start today. Here are the Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free:


1. Toluna Surveys

Toluna Surveys are simply the best, they are one of the best online survey sites that have a good amount of surveys daily, they pay good and constantly and they offer good amount of offers and will connect you with various tasks.

So don’t hesitate to join Toluna Surveys today they can connect you right away and earn awesome rewards and cash with them. They have over 50 000 000 members.

My Score for Toluna Surveys 10/10

Click Here to Join Toluna Surveys

2. Opinion Outpost

They offer a good survey program with all kinds of survey offers that you can complete, they have a good reward system that can offer you various rewards, you can get cash, gift cards, sweepstakes or donations for charity. This is a good quality site that you can start earning right away.

This site has been for over a decade and it is still running good and it might be qualified as one of the best.

My Score for Opinion Outpost 9/10

Click Here to Join Opinion Outpost

My Full Review for Opinion Outpost

3. Vindale Research

This site is a great quality, it is pretty fast and it will only take you seconds to join them. It works like a charm and it is of good quality.  You can become a good researcher also they offer a product review program that you can review products and get paid in return for your opinion same like surveys.

They offer surveys that can take 1 hour long but pay up to $100 in return for that. I hope you like this site it is very nice to join and you might get lucky and get the $100 surveys. They are rare but they sure are a good pay.

My Score for Vindale Research 10/10

Click Here to Join Vindale Research

4. Harris Poll Online

This company is one of the oldest in the business, it is older than 50 years and it has served some good offers over the years. You can earn points here and then cash them or simply get them as gifts for various websites.

My Score for Harris Poll Online 9/10

Click Here to Join Harris Poll Online

5. Vip Voice Surveys

This is a well know survey company they offer good money in return for your hard work and also once you join their program you can enter their various sweepstakes and most of them are $1000 gifts.

My Score for Vip Voice Surveys 8.5/10

Click Here to Join Vip Voice Surveys

6. E-Poll Market Research

This market research firm is very good, they are user friendly and offer a forum so their members can communicate. Start today with them and get earning good money.

My Score for E-Poll Market Research 9/10

Click Here to Join E-Poll Market Research

7. InboxDollars

This is one of the best sites for taking surveys online. They offer $5 bonus for registering and you can earn the best money with them, you can take surveys, surf the web, play games and many more. This is one of the best Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free .

My Score for InboxDollars 10/10

Click Here to InboxDollars

8. Panda Research

The same as InboxDollars this company Panda Research offers you $3 for sign up and good quality surveys inside that you can earn some good amount of money with. Start today, this is a good company I would recommend you to join it.

My Score for Panda Research 9.5/10

Click Here to Join Panda Research

9. SurveyDownline

You should join this good site and it can give more money for simply taking a couple of short surveys per day.

My score for SurveyDownline 7.5/10

Click Here to Join SurveyDownline

10. CashSurveys

They offer all kinds of reward system that you can exchange for points and get various rewards in return. They have the easiest sign up only a few seconds and you are done.

My score for CashSurveys 7/10

Click Here to Join CashSurveys

11. MindsPay

This company MindsPay  offers you good cash reward for your honest opinion, you will be given to test out products and in return will be offered good money for it. Give good honest reviews and get paid.

My score for MindsPay 7/10

Click Here to Join MindsPay

12. iSurveyWorld – US

You will be paid to give your opinion about paid products and will be paid anywhere from $5 – $50 per simple review. This is a very good offer that you can start earning today.

My score for iSurveyWorld – US 8/10

Click Here to Join iSurveyWorld – US

13. Mobile Phone Survey

This site is taking surveys via mobile, they pay as average as the other sites but you need to participate in your mobile, that is the bad part because I would prefer to do surveys on my PC.

My Score for Mobile Phone Survey 6/10

Click Here to Join Mobile Phone Survey

14. Consumer Expressions

This site is for gift cards mostly, earn various cards that you can purchase games or items that you are in need or interested in.

My score for Consumer Expressions 5.5/10

Click Here to Join Consumer Expressions

15. YourSurveys

This is the final site, it is an ok survey site that can earn you some normal money. Join it pretty easy today.

My Score for YourSurveys 5/10

Click Here to Join YourSurveys

Thank you guys for reading my list, I have set up the best and legit sites that require no payment or fee for you to start. This is a good way to generate a decent amount of income for your home that can take care of all you problems and will take only an hour or so daily. I hope you like my list of top 20 survey sites you can join from USA for free.

I hope you like the sites I displayed, as I mentioned they are for USA only and they can make around $600 + monthly if you use them all.  I have displayed Top 15 Paid Online Surveys USA for Free that you can join today.