Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries

Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries

Learn the Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries

Hello, welcome to my guide about taking paid online surveys, for more information about paid surveys. I have gathered the Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries. They are all good companies and will offer you various rewards and money for your time and effort. Please check them out, but to be totally honest with you surveys work best for USA members, people from different countries are paid less. For example people from USA can be paid $100 per site and other countries  will be paid $50 – $70 on average.

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This is not a problem, because we will combine a lot of good sites and when you start working you will see how much money lay in paid surveys. This sites are all legit and offer good memberships, they are all free and require no fee to enter.

USA Free Survey Sites

UK Free Survey Sites

Canada Free Survey Sites

This is my honest review about the top 22 free online survey sites for international countries, I hope you like it :

1. InboxDollars

As I mentioned InboxDollars is simply the best website out there, they offer all kinds of ways to earn money with them and not just surveys ,reading emails, playing games, watching videos and many more. You must join this site for a maximum earning potential.

My score for InboxDollars 10/10

Click Here to Join InboxDollars

2. iPanel Online

This is a good site, at the moment this sites is sending surveys all around Asia and it is the leading market research program out there that offers good quality rewards and money in return.

My score for iPanel Online  10/10

Click here to Join iPanel Online

3. Toluna Surveys

Toluna Surveys is a site you must join, they offer two ways to earn money online and have a good amount of members over 50 0000 000 members that are working with them. They pay good money for your effort.

My score for Toluna Surveys 10/10

Click Here to Join Toluna Surveys

4. SurveySavvy

A lot of people have heard about this research firm. It pays the best money for their members, good checks that their members receive. Join them today and start making good money with them.

My score for survey savvy 9.5/10

Click here to join survey savvy

Continue reading about the Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries, if you are from USA, UK or Canada, check out the threads above, they will work better for your country.

5. Global Test Market

Get paid $5 for a signup when you join global test market, participate in their offers to earn good deals and take good surveys that pay well , this is a good company that qualifies for a membership

My score for Global Test market

Click here to join global test market

6. VIP Voice

I have mentioned VIP Voice before they are a good research firm that pays their members or they pick from their various reward system in return.

My score for VIP voice 8/10

Click here to join VIP Voice

7. Harris Poll

Harris Poll is an old research firm that has been in this market for a long time over than 50 years old and it is still giving good feedback and awesome support to their members.

My score for Harris Poll 9/10

Click here to join Harris Poll

8. Brand Institute

Joining them will offer you good quality surveys, they pay good money for their members surveys anywhere from $1 – $15 per simple short survey, that is a good amount of money for a little or no time.

My score for Brand Institute

Click here to join Brand Institute

9. MySurvey

Become a member today with this firm and earn good rewards and good cash in return for your honest opinion, they are a good company so join them for free today.

My score for MySurvey 9.5/10

Click here to join MySurvey

10. SwagBucks

This a great firm that can give you some good quality surveys and the pay for them is really good, they offer more than one offers so look around and choose what you want to do.

My score for SwagBucks 10/10

Click here to join SwagBucks

11. SurveyMonkey

A lot of big companies come here for the quality SurveyMonkey offer. They can make good surveys and that way a lot of companies make their next big moves.

My score for SurveyMonkey 9/10

Click here to join SurveyMonkey

12. iPoll

They offer a good $5 bonus for free once you join them so don’t hesitate join them today for free. They pay good money for their surveys and they offer various rewards.

My score for iPoll 10/10

Click here to join iPoll

13. Opinion Outpost

They have a $10 000 contest at the moment so join them and you may get a chance to win that price, they pay  in return for your opinion or you may get some other rewards in return.

My score for Opinion Outpost 9/10

Click here to join Opinion Outpost

14. Vivatic

This site offers you more than one way of earning money so that is a good way to check it out, also they pay good money for their surveys and it only takes 15 minutes to complete them.

My score for Vivatic 7/10

Click here to join Vivatic

15. One Poll

This is a research firm founded in 2002 and it pays good money for their surveys, the big companies are working with this firm and that is most of today’s brands check it out.

My score for One Poll 7/10

Click here to join One Poll

16. SurveyBods

They pay $3 after sign up so join them today to get that reward and inside you will find all kinds of earning methods. Start with them today.

My score for SurveyBods 6/10

Click here to join SurveyBods

17. iPsos

This is an old research firm that are looking for members to increase their site and offer good cashback in return.

My score for iPsos 7/10

Click here to join iPsos

18. Your Say

This service was started in 1997 and since then it is providing their members with good quality surveys that pay regularly.

My score for Your Say 7/10

Click here to join Your Say

19.  Planet Pannel

This is not such a good company for surveys but it can give some boost at your earnings for only a couple of minutes daily, keep them in mind.

My score for Planet Pannel 4/10

Click here to join Planet Pannel

20. Spider Metrix

You earn spider points in here and then you use those points for money or rewards, good company and should be joined.

My score for Spider Metrix 7/10

Click here to join Spider Metrix

How do you like my post so far about Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries? If you are interested in working from home in other ways I suggest you read my other posts.

21. Permission Research

They are a good company with a lot of members over 2 000 000, joining them is a good way to earn some money.

My score for Permission Research 8/10

Click here to join Permission Research

22. Star Panel

This is mostly an Indian research firm but it also good for other members from other countries, keep in mind to join them

My score for Star Panel

Click here to join Star Panel 

This is my list of Top 22 Free Online Survey Sites for International Countries and  I hope you liked it. Join all of them for a good earning potential and make some good money from any country out there. Keep in mind that you need to work with them and they will not make you rich they will help you on your way.

This top 22 survey sites that pay internationally is gathered with only legit research firms and if there is some questions feel free to comment bellow and we can communicate for more knowledge.

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