Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in Canada for Free

Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in Canada for Free

Learn the top 5 paid survey sites in Canada for free. I will display the best paid online Canadian survey sites that you can generate a good amount of income. There are not so many paid survey sites for Canada that is why I have displayed this top 5 sites that are paying the most and are the best of quality.

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I am making my honest review here of the best Canadian survey sites that require no fee or membership to join, they are all free and all they require is a simple signup. With them combined it is possible to earn a good quality income that can generate you some decent money. It wont make you rich but it can cover all of your expenses or pay all the bills without a problem.

So that is why I have displayed this list, to stay away from all the scam sites and only to spend time on the quality ones that actually pay real money in return of your hardworking time.

Paid Online Surveys

1. VIP Voice Canada

As I mentioned in one of my posts, VIP Voice surveys are a good company, they offer more membership options and all kinds of various rewards, once you join inside you will enter all kind of sweepstakes and get a chance to win more than one $1000 rewards.

My Score for VIP Voice Canada 9.5/10 (this is one of the better in Canada)

Click Here to Join VIP Voice Canada

2. Web Perspectives

This is a must join, they offer many chances to make some good money, they can pay you to read emails, take surveys, product reviews and even playing video games. They are a good company that offers good money in return for your time. So join them for a good bonus on that paycheck. Once you enter you will get a bonus of $5 for signup.

My score for Web Perspectives 10/10

Click Here to Join Web Perspectives

3. OpinionPlus – Canada

This research firm is an interesting one, they offer a good amount of money in return for you most honest opinion, the difference between them and some other sites is that they offer you honest opinion about politics. You will say your honest thoughts about today’s politics and you will be paid in return.

My score for OpinionPlus – Canada8.5/10

Click Here to Join OpinionPlus – Canada

4. Harris Poll Online Canada

Harris Poll Online Canada is a massive firm that has been here for a long time, they pay good money for their members and have an awesome support. Over 50 years old and still managing. Join them and earn points that you can later swap for cash or gift cards.

My score for Harris Poll Online Canada 9/10

Click Here to Join Harris Poll Online Canada

5. Permission Research – Canada

Join Permission Research – Canada today to participate in a lot of good surveys, they offer daily surveys that you can take and get paid for it. They have more than 50 000 000 members. Join them today and start taking surveys.

My score for Permission Research – Canada 10/10

Click Here to Join Permission Research – Canada

So this is my list for the top 5 paid survey sites in Canada for free, you can join all of them and for only less than an hour daily they will generate you around $400 – $500 monthly. That is a good income and can cover you a lot of problems or can give us more luxury. Top 5 Paid Survey Sites in Canada for Free is a good way to add more luxury in your life for only 1 hour daily.

As I mentioned all of this links that I have displayed are with my links, if you join by them you will make me some money to. You will not lose anything or be charged money, the only thing is that I will earn money, nothing more. So I would really appreciate for you to join them by my links. Most of the rewards come from my links so that is also a benefit.

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