Using Pinterest to Promote Business

Using Pinterest to Promote Business

This post is about Using Pinterest to Promote Business and how to increase your sales and website traffic.

Apply Using Pinterest to Promote Business today

First of all this is a social media promotion technique. Keep in mind that it’s free and it requires only a couple of minutes per day for it to have effect.

There are a lot of businesses that promote their site using Pinterest and I will teach you how to apply for more success.

Creating a Pinterest account it’s free, you should only have a valid email address to approve your account. Click here to apply to Pinterest.


Once you create your account, manage your profile. Add an eye catching image and use your brand name. A great thing about Pinterest is that you can add your home page URL to increase conversions and drive targeted traffic.

Add your website and receive also a do follow backlink to increase your search engine rankings.

If you don’t have a brand name it’s good to pick a name that can relate to your niche so that people can search for it and find you.

Pinterest Boards.

This is how it works, once you create your profile you have the ability to create boards. This is where you should target with random keywords. Use it to your advantage.

Fashion Boards

Here is an example of a couple of fashion boards. For example you can promote each board differently, one could be for scarfs, t-shirts, shoes, etc. instead of one big board that can target everything.

If you have an online business that is more broad you can manage and create a board for each page you have for that business. For example if you have a blog about health, you can target losing weight and gaining muscle or healthy lifestyle on different boards.

The more boards you have the more targeted traffic you can receive and the more it will convert. Start creating boards where you can add pins, I will explain that now.

Pinning Images, Videos, etc.

This is where you target traffic Using Pinterest to Promote Business. It is simple, Pinterest is more of an image site and the images get shared (pinned) by other members that way you should search and aim for more eye catching and HD images that will get shared.

Pinning is simple and easy, you can add an image from your device or with an URL.

Each image can be added to a board and that is how you grow. Each board should have it’s own unique pinned images and the more people interact and follow that board the more traffic you will generate.

As for generating traffic this is the most awesome part. You can add the URL on the image itself making it clickable and easy traffic. Here is an example of how it works:

Pin image

The title of the image is a call to action, meaning that a person has to click the image in order to find those 9 quick ways, it’s simple as that.

You pin an image like this and people that are interested about that topic will find a related board or pin with your title or keyword and see the image, this will be your call to action and you will receive the traffic.

It’s simple as that, Using Pinterest to Promote Business will give you a lot of benefits that you can use and generate massive traffic.

Keep in mind that Pinterest doesn’t allow affiliate links because of a big spam so don’t try and out smart them because you will get banned. I hope this will help you setup a great traffic generating method using Pinterest.

There are also other ways to promote with Pinterest but they are very detailed that is why you should stick with this for the beginning.

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