The Wealthy Affiliate Review

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Hello and welcome to my blog, during the past year I have been able write over 100 blog posts and a couple of e-books so I can help people achieve an online income from the comfort of their homes. While it is hard in the beginning if you have someone to talk to and guide you along the way you will be able to achieve a lot.

This is a free blog and you can access everything for free. On POJ there are 15 potential income sources and I plan to grow it even more. Every week I update new or improved ways on how you can make money online and work from home.

Today I will present to you “The Wealthy Affiliate Review” and I will also give you my explanation on why a normal person should access it and change his own life. This will be a fully and honest step by step review so follow me carefully and I will display every pro and con that the product has. I will give you an answer to your questions that go along these lines “Is Wealthy Affiliate any good, bad, a Scam or legitimate?”. If you truly want to become a member with it, remember that this is not a joke and it’s not a make easy money site, nothing is that simple. You have to work really hard to achieve something and then you can see how much results this program can bring.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

What Does The Product Offer

This is a network that will allow you to learn a lot in the field of online marketing. First of all I want to explain it very broadly before we engage into details.

Wealthy Affiliate is a beginner friendly as well as a professional affiliate marketing network, it offers the best of both worlds and a lot more. For the beginners you can learn a lot of basics as well as methods inside so that you are able to get started and go into the strange world of online marketing.

Once you get access to this network will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, and about how it all works. All of the information is presented via video and they are interesting to watch. As for the more advanced entrepreneurs, here you will be given the chance learn newer methods so that you are able to improve and grow even more. So if you are wondering at this moment if it’s worth it, yes it is.

So to answer the question, this is a network that offers many online courses, an amazing community, and top class support team. Follow me as I explain everything in details bellow. This is my honest Wealthy Affiliate review and nothing will be made up.

How Does it Work?

How does it work

This is a broad explanation on how the system works.

  1. Choosing an interest or choosing something you love. What is your passion and what do you enjoy doing? For example I enjoy blacksmithing, working out, watching movies and video editing. Those are my passions and I have websites that generate me revenue in each category. I simply do what I enjoy and I don’t consider it as work, I consider it as a passion which fulfills me.
  2. Building a website around it. They have a course that teaches you how to build a website with a drag and drop system that doesn’t require you to be an advanced designer. You can also pick the interest around something profitable, but it gets hard to write about something you have no interest in.
  3. You can learn a lot here about traffic generating and attracting visitors, and by visitors I mean people who share the same interest as your website and covert them into customers, clients or simply visitors that will generate a certain income.
  4. Earning revenue. The whole process on how to setup a funnel or simply monetize your newly created website will be shown to you. You will learn how to generate an income using those visitors from your site, and you will find that it’s rather simple once you get the hang of it.

That is how the whole process works and it’s rather simple. I generate over $5500 every month but for safety reasons I won’t submit that here, if someone is interested just message me or subscribe to my newsletter and I will send you the screenshots from this and previous month.¬† Let’s continue to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Is This Network For You?

You must yourself this question before you start: “Am I serious about this?” Do you think that you can earn an online income following this network because this is a field of work and requires attention. This program is for anyone (serious), but if you are in the following situations listed bellow you will find this product exquisitely beneficial:

  • Want to Add an Extra Income? For a couple of hours per day you can manage your site and put thousands of bucks into your pocket
  • If you are a student with free time and want to pay throughout your way
  • Are you unemployed? Try it out it might be what you are looking for while you are looking for a job, plus if you have success with it you can earn better than a regular job
  • Want to pay your extra bills or simply add money for vacation? No problem begin today!
  • This is for Retired People as well, they will explain everything so simple you can follow it without a problem.

The good thing is that you can join this network for free. It’s a really simple process that doesn’t require a credit card in order to become a member and start with their courses. It can bring so much money that you will instantly want to upgrade your account and go premium in a couple of days…trust me I already went through that.

Click Here to Get Your Wealthy Affiliate University Login

I want to help people and show you that this program is not a scam. I understand you have your doubts, but that is because you are not fully familiar with the system, it will all go away once you see the money coming in.

Different Packages

There are two packages in this network, both of them are good but the premium package offers a lot more information and it’s recommended for a lot of people to upgrade and start earning more money. The more you pay, the more you get, but at the end remember it is the action taking that will set you apart from everybody else.

I would recommend to try out the free package at first  so that you get a feel for the network. There you will meet like minded people and find the first courses to get started.

My Wealthy Affiliate Journey

When I began with affiliate marketing I cam across a lot of walls and a lot of misleading information that only slowed me down and demotivated me, but I did not quit. I moved forward simply passing through every obstacle and made my own path. It’s Important to not quit at the start. I know you are going to feel stupid and like you don’t belong, but just stick with the process.

As I was going through my personal journey I stumbled on a lot of networks and offers that gave me knowledge, I would say that most of my knowledge was learned from Forums, some Bloggers and a good portion from Wealthy Affiliate. This network helped me so much that I simply cannot describe it. I will explain to you why and what is the best service that it offers.

Creating an Account

Before I continue I want to say that with this Wealthy Affiliate product review I will be totally honest and will also include the cons that this network has. Nothing is perfect.

You can create an account in a matter of second,and you can get started with a single email address. If you want to upgrade (which you probably will) a credit card will be needed. It’s time to get your Wealthy Affiliate university login!

Create Your Free Account Today

Once you signup you will see the dashboard from your home page, I will create an account here so I can show you how it’s inside. The name of the account won’t be displayed (of course).


Take a look at the dashboard of a free membership, it’s really easy to navigate and you can see the community as well.

Once you have completed this, continue with the next steps.

Following the Video Courses

Once you have signed up you get access to the following courses that teach people a lot about starting an online income. Simply follow them and you will learn a lot of new and amazing information. Don’t skip the courses because each peace of information is crucial when you need to add it into your business idea.

Getting Started with Courses

Follow the courses and once you finish you will be full of ideas. There is a catch though, in order to get access to all of the courses that teach the most advanced information and techniques you have to become a premium member. It makes sense, because good info costs money.

By following the basic ones you will learn so much, but just imagine how much you will learn from the advanced ones, they will change your perspective and you will be able to see over the horizon.

If you think that the basic ones are amazing, wait until you see the premium courses.

Building Your WebsiteWebsite Building with Wealthy Affiliate

This is the other option that gives a lot of value, creating your first website. Once you follow the courses and get the idea of what your business should be about it’s recommended that you build a website around the ideas and start earning money.

I have a lot of websites myself and almost every member of the wealthy affiliate community has their own site as well.

They will walk you through the whole process of creating your first site, and from there on out it’s a peace of cake for your next websites and projects.

The Community

I won’t add an image here but there are around 600 000 people inside wealthy affiliate and growing.

If you stumble onto something and loose track there are thousands of people to help you along the way and give you support and strength. It’s amazing how much you can achieve with motivation from other people and their support.

You can also chat with these people, follow them, gain more knowledge from their experience and more. I don’t want to ruin the fun, keep in mind that I find this option the most beneficial because you will meet new people and you will never be alone if you are a member in this network.

Wealthy Affiliate Review, Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Free to Join, No Credit Card Required
  • Amazing Community and Support
  • Lot’s of knowledge and new information update
  • It teaches you a lot about everything into the field of online work
  • Advanced and Fast Support, Live as well
  • They are People just Like you with their own stories
  • You have nothing to lose
  • Good Tools to Work With


  • The Price for Premium Some People might find it Expensive for only $19 but it’s worth it
  • Website Creation not so good, but amazing for beginners
  • The Design Inside should be a little bit more tidy
  • You will lose focus from all the members inside and if you chat with people, you will not learn anything which is good and bad

There are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate complaints & success stories, with a huge audience like that it makes sense there to be success stories from those who have prospered as well as complaints. It’s important to note that if that complaint can be fixed, they will do everything in their power to do so.

Their Support

The support team that they have is amazing, they will help if you have problems and they will give you a fast response.

They offer a live chat and it only takes a couple of minutes before you get in touch with them.

  • Amazing Comment system with other members inside the classroom
  • Q and A system that works very good
  • 24/7 WordPress and Hosting Support
  • Private Messages with other members

I will also help you if you get access from my links and I will walk you throughout the way.

Advanced Affiliate Marketers

I didn’t forget you don’t worry. You get a piece of this delicious cake as well and you can earn much more with this network.

Becoming a premium member here at Wealthy Affiliate you get access to some of the advanced 500 Video Tutorials that will teach you more ways to promote, to generate traffic and to get an increase in your conversion.

The service that they offer is their affiliate network, you can promote this amazing piece of work and earn commissions. They convert a lot and they help people along the way as well so it’s a win – win for both of you.

I hope you enjoyed my honest Wealthy Affiliate review and plan to join this network and be a part of our family.

Click Here to Become a Member Today for Free

Feel free to comment and engage with me so we can answer a lot of questions that people might have!

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