Guide For Beginners, Starting a Website in Only 10 Minutes

Here is my FREE Guide that will help people start their own website without any coding and for the cheapest price available. Follow this guide and you will have a website working in less than 10 minutes.

I have been writing on this blog for almost 6 months, it already has more than 100 posts and I shall continue to write some more. Everything here is free and you can find a lot of ways on how to start an online income.

For the cheapest price you will have an unique website which you will own and can do some amazing things with it. Follow me as I explain the whole process from A to Z. This is a really easy guide to follow because I will aim for it to be as simple as I can. Lets start!

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1.Choosing the Domain Name

Domain Name

Domain name is an address of your website. The name of the website is called a domain name and it plays a really important part for your website. Be careful when choosing the domain name because once you pick it you cannot change it.

You should aim for something that is resembling your business, when you are picking the domain name make sure it’s category related. Starting price for a domain name is $16 but you will get it for free once we are done with this tutorial.

Here is a post which can help you select a domain name, follow my through step 2 or simply go with your creativity, if you know what kind of website you want to build you also have a domain in mind.

2.Select the Web Hosting

This is a really important part which you need to read very carefully. In order for our website to be on the internet we need to choose the right website hosting service. I will share with you the cheapest one available which offers the best quality. Here are the amazing features it offers:

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  • Free Site Builders
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If you cannot afford this little fee, before you go I have other money making methods which you can find on my blog and start an earning without a website, but that is not recommended.

3. Install WordPress


Why WordPress? 50% Percent of the websites on the internet are running through it. It is the easiest and it’s free to use, what can be better?

In order to Install WordPress you would have to get access inside your website hosting network. If you signed up with BlueHost they will give you login information. Here is what you should do now:

  1. Login into BlueHost
  2. Get Access to Your C-Panel (Control Panel)
  3. Search for the WordPress Icon
  4. Select the Domain You Just Purchase with Their Service
  5. Click Install and you are done

They will give you the login information for your website and you should secure them and don’t let anyone get access to them. Simply login into your WordPress Dashboard, it will be in your login credentials, if not you can access it like this:

Your dashboard should look like this:


On the left side are all of the tools available for you to manage the site. I will cover them all and to help you understand the whole process better.

3.1. Free Themes

First let’s select the theme, this should be a though one because there are thousands of free themes you can select from, you can access and pick your theme at: Appearance–>Themes

Here you can select a lot of good themes, there are also paid themes but for beginners let’s start with the free ones. In order to install the theme you simply need to select it and install it.

Theme Selection

Once you select the theme, you can manage it at Appearance–>Customize, Here you can see your website and change fonts, colors, images, etc. You own the website so you can manage it however you like.

3.2. Posts and Pages

You can see posts and Pages sections there. You can create how much you like, in order to write on them it’s really easy, just write plain text, add images, etc. just like a word document or something related. Easy as that.

Posts have also categories and tags, they are for the readers to read posts related to that category or that tag.

3.3. Settings

This are the settings of your website, you can change the website title here, manage how the links should look, how many posts should display per page, etc. So you see how simple it gets?

Apply the settings however you please, so we can move to the next level.

3.4. Plugins

They play a really important part for your website. Plugins are the extra helping parts of the website, for example there are all kinds of plugins that include many features:

  • Better theme decoration
  • Social Media Sharing Options
  • Social Media Like and Follow
  • Monitoring Your Website
  • Make it Faster
  • etc.


4. Finish

That is the main process of any website. Now what you need to do is follow my advice on making money. You already have create a website which you love and have selected a niche to work with. If you didn’t complete the web hosting step:

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Once you have the website on and ready, you need to start learning how to generate an online income. This is not that simple and it’s not free so you have to work hard for it. There are multiple ways to generate an income and I will display all of them to you.

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I hope you enjoyed this post, read it carefully and you can save it for your next websites to come once you make some serious money online. If you are interested in following me for more posts and updates I will recommend my social media profiles.