What are backlinks

What are backlinks?

What are backlinks, that would be today’s topic and I want to tell you that this plays a crucial part into your business when it comes to optimizing your site and rank in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can learn what search engine optimization is here.

I want to tell you that this requires a lot of patience and hard work because building backlinks is hard and risky. I will explain that in a minute. So lets start from the basics.

What are backlinks and how to use them?

I will explain this as most basic as possible, a backlink is a link from a different domain name (different web site) displaying a link from your site. Backlinks are known also as inbound links.

I will give an example, so we have a blog and in a post from that blog is a link to our site that is a backlink, it would be the same as I put a link of some site, meaning I’m giving them a backlink.

Now this is where the hard work starts, remember this is the hardest part but in the end is the most worthy, why? Because if you rank your site on Google you will receive thousands of people from Google on it, so stay put I will explain the whole process.

Backlinks from Facebook

Building Backlinks.

Ok so this is the hardest part, we need to get backlinks. I will explain how to use them and how to generate them, follow me because this is important. In order to rank on Google we need quality content, quality related backlinks and no spamming.

In Googles newest updates they put some strict rules when it comes to building links to your site. This update suggested that in order for your site to rank on Google on some related keyword the most important part when it comes to building links was that you must have related backlinks on it, that is the most important part.

So when you are building links you must search for related ones, if you have a site about weight loss your links should be related meaning they need to be about weight loss. I’m not saying that sites won’t rank with other backlinks, the important part should be this.

When it comes to building backlinks you should search for forums, sites, commenting on blogs, profiles, etc. You should look for places that you can put your www.domain.com on there. Once you put your domain when Google indexes that site he will see a link there for your site and will give you a more authority.

In order to rank on Google you must be pass it’s terms, you have to get indexed by it and that will take some times, each time your site is indexed and the more related links it has will rank higher.

It is an important part to index your site to search engines, I will explain that in another post. What are backlinks?

Google Ranking

Don’t Get Slapped.

Here is how Google Penguin works, read bellow.

Google Penguine update

When it comes to building links there are two methods, white hat slower and safe way of building backlinks, blackhat which is spamming with software’s and bots and also grey hat.

What is the difference here, if you build links white hat Google will index them slowly and will see that your site increasing in time, that is an organic way of how a site should look like, that is the point in building links that is why most people say that SEO is slow.

If you follow white hat way of building links you will be safe and Google won’t deindex your site, meaning you will never rank, ever.

The blackhat method worked in the past, this is when you send your site and get thousands of links from low authority sites in a day and that way Google will rank you yes, but you will be deranked in a short time.

Grey hat is when you are mixing white and black into most beneficial rankings. This is a safe method but it can sometimes backfire.

I will make different post about each way of building links and how to implement it for results.

How many kinds are out there?

So to remind you there are many ways of links, so what are backlinks? I will only talk about Do Follow and No Follow.

When it comes for your site to rank on Google you would need Do Follow links. They are harder to get because the no follow links prevent spam.

Here is one good example, if Facebook had a Do Follow backlinks for each post with a link that would be a link building machine, that is why this is for protection.

As for do follow links most sites offer this links and they are the links that will rank you on Google. Focus on creating do follow backlinks.

This pretty much sums up how to build links, I will give a lot of sources in my next posts to come so I hope this helped you to learn what are backlinks and how to use them.

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