What is a Landing Page.

What is a Landing Page?

Wherever you go you have probably heard the word landing page, it can also be found as squeeze page, opt in page, etc. Today I will explain what that means and how you can use it in your business to increase your profit.

What is a landing page?

It is a small page, that contains text or video and it’s main point is to capture the email or any information from the visitor that has landed on that page thus getting the name landing page.

Why do people make this kind of pages?

The main reason you create a landing page is to capture email also known as leads so you can add to your email list and implement them in a good email marketing for bigger profit.

This is a big process and it requires hard work and planning for full results. It is not easy and this is a part of a more advanced marketing promotion.

So follow my steps and lets learn how to make a great landing page.

1.Email Catcher

First of all we must have a software, service or network that will capture the emails from the visitors. I made a full review about GetResponse.

You can connect to a lot of available services that can help you build your list of emails. You can find other services in my link at the beginning.

Join GetResponse Here.

I like GetResponse because it will give you a free trial and also a landing page creator that you can use and make free pages without any cost of a hosting account or purchasing a domain.

I will use GetResponse now to give you an example, but at the end I will also mention good sites you can use to create landing pages. Here is a good example of GetResponse landing page creation tool and keep in mind that the others are also drag and drop :

GetResponse Landing Page

2. Creating Your Web Form

This is a simple form that people will insert their information and email so your email service will catch it. Each service offers a code for each web form and you can place that code into your page so it can capture emails.

GetResponse with their page creating software makes it’s web forms automated, but the other landing page services offer a simple code field meaning you don’t have to learn a coding language. If you know how to code you can make yourself every detail of the page.

Once you setup the form, each visitor that leaves it’s mail will be added to your lsit.

3. Create the page

The most important part, this is really hard because you must make your page related to your product or service in order to capture people interested into your products.

A great landing page should capture %50 emails from each person that visits your page. This is really hard and that is why you must test with different text, image and videos for maximum results.

Here is a great example of how an landing page should be:

Landing Page Design

Keep in mind that this is an example, as you can see the good headline that will attract the visitor to keep reading, some text or video and a good web form for the person to insert his information.

Not all pages are the same this is only an example, each niche has a different page and you should do research before you make a page and use the most related one. Create something that is already working.

Here is the details that can be used into a page:”

Landing Page Details

You can make it from your own choices but remember the best landing page converts %50 and more.

4.The Catch

As I said the best landing pages is the one that converts, so you must attract the visitor so much for him to leave an email. A lot of great marketers give something for free in return for their email and later on their promote to them and create them into customers.

You can give a free item or e-book. Something that is unique and offers value.

That is the best catch, make them need the offer you are giving and you have the mail. You send his e-book via email or you send him to another access page or some product promoting page.

As for the sites that you can use for creating a landing page here are the top 3 by my opinion:




Hope this post will help you start working with email marketing and increase your profit.

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