What is blackhat marketing

What is Blackhat Marketing?

Blackhat marketing is a pretty interesting way of making money online, it requires a lot of skill and unique way in order for it to have effect.

What is Blackhat marketing?

Today I want to talk about blackhat marketing and the benefits it brings but also the downsides from it.

The name tells us that it’s some sort of an “illegal” way of marketing, not playing by the rules. Now I’m not suggesting you hack someone or use it for something bad, you will see the benefits that blackhat marketing offers.


You probably know or have heard of whitehat marketing, that is a type of marketing where you are following the terms and rules in order for your marketing technique to have effect, well that is also what blackhat is but in reverse.

It’s not so simple if you think, this is a hard way of promotion and it requires proper skill and also some kind of investment or hard work from your side.

Blackhat marketing is sometimes considered as spam or abuse of the system, but they are not hurting anyone right?

Blackhat techniques.

When it comes to promoting blackhat it takes the right information. What we should aim for is a little bug or glitch of the system that can offer you a quick and guarantee way to promote and receive traffic.

There are many techniques that can come with the term blackhat. Today I won’t explain them all, I want to show you on a more broad way.


Let’s start with the basics, social media. This is amazing way to promote when it comes to blackhat marketing. You can aim for a lot of people, millions of people that are sitting on their computers. For example you can target with software Facebook groups, this will bring you huge traffic in return trust me.

With social media you can also aim for commenting, liking, following, etc. You can make the people see your message. That is the beauty of it, it’s simple yet stunning.

Next is SEO, this is an amazing but very risky way of promoting. SEO is hard and Google terms are growing by the minute getting more strict.

With some amazing blackhat technique you canĀ  aim at some big competition and beat them for a few weeks, months, it all depends. Imagine to get your site or landing page at a first page of a thousand visitor per day keyword.


This is a great way but it’s very short because you can get slapped by the big G. Also with social media getting banned is really frequent that is why it takes a lot of hard work or great software.

Next step is email marketing, you can get emails and then promote to them, this is an amazing and great converting method but it sometimes backfires. It takesĀ  a lot of hard work and knowledge in order for it to have effect.

You can also try with forums, you can post some amazing funnels to forums and generate traffic, leads and sales.

This was just a quick preview, there are a lot of great blackhat methods that you can use for promotion.

All you have to do is find a simple way that will work for you and generate great revenue with it.

I hope you like today’s post because it was short and I wanted to explain a simple blackhat marketing method. If you are interested in serious online marketing I suggest you view this marketing course, it will help: http://paid-online-jobs.com/cbpassivemoney

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