ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

Today I want to talk about ClickBank Affiliate Marketing, how to start with it and what are the best choices before you join.

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing, What is ClickBank?

Lets learn about ClickBank affiliate marketing, ClickBank is one of the best or some might categorize it as the best affiliate networks online. Let me sum up what an affiliate is. Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting someone else product or service and in return you get a commission from that product. Affiliate marketing works and will work in the future. It is one of the best ways to make money online and easiest. There is also Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

The question is why does ClickBank affiliate marketing works. Why promote for someone else and not for yourself. Well if you want to create a product yourself it would require an enormous amount of time and energy for you to create a product. It requires a lot of investment and you might not have the skills to do it. That is why ClickBank affiliate marketing network and many other affiliate networks come along.

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What’s so good about ClickBank is that you have thousands of different products that you can promote. A lot of people have created those products and you can simply get your link (hop link) and promote it with your methods or tools. It requires for you to spend no energy, time and money and you can also test different products and see what will work for you.

Many of ClickBank products are electronic, meaning they don’t have a delivery and don’t require money for materials to be made. That is why a lot of ClickBank products give anywhere from 50% – 75% commission. If you make a $100 sale and that product has 75% commission you will make $75 and you did not spend any time making that product. You simply got the link and promote it. That is why ClickBank is worthy to check out. You can pick from various of offers and set them up and make good money with them.

1. How to Start

First of all you need to join ClickBank affiliate marketing, the registry it is free and requires no fee to join and you can Join Clickbank Here.

Once you registry to it, you can go to the ClickBank marketplace. Inside you will find many offers, starting from education, creativity, software, tutorials and many more. You browse that marketplace or you can check out this site. They offer a better and cleaner way to browse the Clickbank Products.

You got to find your offer. Pick an offer that you plan to promote and maybe have passion for it. This can help you, I don’t want to explain ways for you to promote products, there are a lot of ways you can do that so start learning or check out my other blog posts for more information. Finding the right product can be hard, you can see that bellow every product is a gravity. The bigger the gravity the more that product is promoted by other affiliates like me and you.

Once you pick the product, you need to generate your link and you simply promote it. If someone purchase from your link you get the money. They are all legit products on ClickBank and not all of them will work for your ways of promoting, that is why you have to test them all. Start one by one and you will eventually find the best suited for you.

2. How do I get the money?

The good part is that ClickBank is not charging you for a sign up fee and monthly fees. This is good because they are letting you to start for free. From then on you will get charged by ClickBank but that will be once you start receiving payments. The charge is little it can be a couple of dollars and that is the best part, they don’t take big chucks of your money only little ones. They are a good company connecting people with their purchases and they handle all the transactions.

They offer a lot of ways for you to receive your payment, it all depends on what service you are using or how you want the money to be delivered to you. They offer from check, this is their basic and default way, you can also receive the money in your bank account, PayPal, Payoneer and many more options once you join. Remember they are all free.

ClickBank offers a 60 day money back guarantee, this is the option for the person that bough the product to have their money back, this way they will also take your cut from the offer depending on the commission. This is not a bad thing because this money back guarantee will give you more sales than it should because people have the option to get their money back.

3. Become a Seller

ClickBank also offers you to become a seller and have your own products so that other affiliates can promote. This is a good option but they include some money in return for it. I’m not a seller but I have read that they require $50 to publish your offer and then they include some commission on every sale you or your affiliate makes. This is great because on ClickBank are a lot of affiliates that can promote your product. Imagine how much sales you can make if the best affiliates promote your product. That is why ClickBank is offering those fees because they are giving million of affiliates on your product.

Click here to join Clickbank

Affiliate Marketing ClickBank
Affiliate Marketing ClickBank

4. How to Promote

I cannot give you the best way to promote because they all work. You must find the way that is going to work for you, find out what to enjoy and what makes you happy. If you like to communicate with people you can start with social media, you can record yourself and promote that way. There are a lot of options simply do research. I will write about some more ways you can promote, here is an example one about starting your own blog.

As we become more advance you will learn other techniques like promoting with paid traffic, hub pages, SEO, Social Promotion, Email Marketing and many more.

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This was my review about ClickBank Affiliate Marketing.