What is Niche in Marketing

Targeting a niche. What is Niche in Marketing ? This is really important because  you as an individual can’t aim for a wide range niche, you cannot fight everywhere.

What is Niche in Marketing?

If you don’t know what a niche is: “the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people”, in short this means picking the right audience and category for your site.

When it comes to the bigger sites and companies they can hire individuals to work separately on managing the site, SEO for a targeted keyword or niche, they can do this.

But when it comes to managing a site with only one person it is preferred to target one niche, there is a huge competition that it’s hard to defeat on a wider range. So picking your niche, that has great benefits and selling potential and low competition, is key for your business.

Our focus when picking a targeted niche should include proper research. It should be less competitive, but if you think you can manage its alright to select a harder niche and focus on a more broad reach and  keyword.

As for picking I would recommend it to be something you know about. It would be great to manage a niche about something you are passionate. If you love doing something, this would be a great way to choose and do the things you love.

Doing and managing a site on a niche you love will make a better and bigger difference. You can help the people that are searching for that particular product, because you have the experience and love doing that.

Now I will give you the pros of picking a niche you love. It is amazing to write about something you love it wouldn’t be a problem.

You will be following your topic of interest for profit now, for example if you love watching sports, now you can be watching them and make a profit from them, this is if your niche is targeting sports.

No pressure You already have knowledge about it The best thing is because that’s your passion As for cons of picking the wrong niche it has many, that is why I’m writing this post today. You will have to learn about it and What is niche in marketing.

When it comes to writing about something you don’t know it’s real hard You lack the passion and for that you will lack with your work.

Life is to short to do something we are not passionate about. So choose your niche wisely because it will have a huge effect on your work. You will be your own boss there and imagine the lack of will can interfere with your work.

How to pick the right niche? Ok this is the answer to the title, what is niche marketing. We must focus on something that we love, once we do that we must do research about it.

I’m always including SEO in your site because that is free traffic, so it is the best to do research with an SEO potential. We must do keyword research first. This is how to start when selecting a niche so what is niche in marketing.

Keyword Research

I will share with you why this is important. You should have in mind that keyword research is one of the main factors when picking the niche. With the proper SEO keyword research you will learn everything you need.

So I would recommend Google keyword planner, it is a great tool for free that offers you great quality and the display of Googles keyword and their monthly searches and bids per click for advertisement.

This is important, now insert your topic keyword and do research, see how much it is searched per month and the average bid also.

The bid is important because people are paying that amount per click for that particular keyword. Here is an image of how it looks.

Google keywords

I have inserted the keyword “paleo” in the keyword tool and it gave me related topics and it displays the monthly search and suggested bid.

You can see that “paleo  recipe”s is more targeted than “paleo”, keep in mind that the more broad and simple the keyword the wider range but the less targeted is.

For example if you are focusing “paleo diet cookbook for women” this is a targeted keyword that has a lower search rate but higher bid, this is important because if you are targeting just “paleo” with advertisement for example, you will get a lot of unwanted traffic that are searching for something different.

Do proper research when it comes to targeting. Don’t rush into things because you will lose money and time.

As for once you find your keyword, it is good to take a look at it. As I mentioned big competition is a no.


As you see that this keyword is huge, it has 45 million results and it has a huge and wide range. Big companies can target this or older authority sites, bu if you are starting right now it’s very hard to work on this niche, it requires a good investment or team to handle it.

Once you have the right keyword that you can focus on, or keywords depending on what kind of plan you have in mind.

I wanted for you to do this because once you know how things are going on Google you can have in mind that the density of the keyword will be the same on other sites. Not in numbers but in the competition.

Twitter paleo

Here is an example from Twitter, it is high in competition and there are a lot of people working on it, but if you pick a more targeted niche and offer great value you can get amazing results.

Paleo Facebook

Now once you have your niche you have to start working hard on it.

Choose your promotional methods

Here is a blueprint to help you with what I have written so far.

This will help you setup a great example on how to start with online marketing and promote products to earn a good revenue from home.

I hope this will answer you What is Niche in Marketing and to pick the niche that will be the best for you.

As for an online course that teaches a lot about targeting your niche and will offer you 24 hours of videos I can recommend Google Sniper 3.0

It is worth it, I have tested it and it offers value on SEO and how to properly target a niche. You can get amazing results from it. It will teach you a lot about What is Niche in Marketing.

If you know something interesting feel free to share it in the comments bellow so we can connect and learn more. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more to come, thank you very much and have an amazing week.


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