YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online

YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online

YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online, another affiliate guide for you to help you increase your revenue and stack that income so you can expand and invest into more. I have already made 10+ posts about affiliate money making guides so here comes another one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry I will explain now.

I’m creating a series of posts that are teaching people how to start to generate money from their home and reuse that money to find a second income as they expand. So if you are interested in taking a look at the past guides here is a link:

For today’s guide it will be a simple one and because of that it wont be locked. I just want to share you the potential of YouTube and how you can use it to earn a couple of solid money, or if you have already a channel to give you a little bit of ideas on what to do.

I have been working on YouTube and that is how I have started with online marketing, so I can tell you that it’s amazing and it works. But the problem is the reach, I will share with you a little idea that you can invest in your videos for a better reach. This YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online will help you a lot.

First of all this wont be an explanation about On-page SEO for YouTube, there will be a post about that soon because the ranking factors of YouTube are not just the views and it will help you a lot.

Here are the two most amazing tools for Video Marketing and Keyword Research:

YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online:

First of all it won’t help you earn money online, but it will increase your revenue by a big percent if you are already generating a revenue with YouTube or plan to do so.

For example let’s say that you have a channel about cooking, I won’t talk about how to monetize it because you can find that post here:

So you create videos about “cooking recipes”, and you just make videos like that with that keyword and nothing more, you have a series that people follow and “cooking recipes” is the title for it. That would mean that people who search for cooking recipes will only find your videos yes? But what is the point, if they like your videos they will subscribe and watch the full series that they can find in the channel. What will you do?

Why not include other keywords for example: learn how to cook, cooking advice, cookbook, etc. You get my point? It’s  so simple and stupid but it works, you will be ranking on different keywords instead of stacking it into one. So if all of them like your videos from the different keywords they will find your series on the channel, meaning that you have more reach and potential viewers and customers.

I hope you liked this YouTube SEO Method to Earn Money Online post and follow me for other posts to come and increases your revenue and knowledge.

Here are the two most amazing tools for Video Marketing and Keyword Research:

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